Mika: With One Exception, Every CBS Reporter, Director, Anchor A Liberal

Give Mika Brzezinski credit for candor.  She has stated that during her 10 years at CBS, every reporter, producer and anchor she knew, with one exception, was a liberal.

The Morning Joe co-host made the disclosure today in the course of discussing with Joe Scarborough the White House's attack on Fox News.

Will Mika's revelation trigger a frantic internal investigation at CBS to root out the Republican interloper?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: You know, if you want to talk about bias, shall we look at bias at every other network?

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Oh no, that's the fascinating conversation.  I totally agree.

SCARBOROUGH: The bias at every other network in America except it's a different type of bias, it's a left-wing bias.  You and I both know --

BRZEZINSKI: I totally agree with you.

SCARBOROUGH: -- as being in these organizations, Fox News is no more biased in its own way than the rest of the networks are in their own way. If you just look at the make-up of the people who work for every television network.  How many Republicans do you see running around ABC? You worked at CBS.  How many around CBS? How many around NBC?  They aren't here.

BRZEZINSKI: Yes, although I don't think that CBS and NBC are actively pushing a perspective. 
SCARBOROUGH: No, no they're not.
BRZEZINSKI: I think they try their best to be objective.  And I think the issue there is the make-up of the population within those networks, perhaps may be predominantly one world view, which is an issue, but it's not an intent.

SCARBOROUGH: But Mika, based on what you've argued through the years, Fox is more intellectually honest than every other network, because you say we all have biases, we should put it out on the table.  What is more dangerous, a network that says yes, we're center-right, or a news organization, let's just take one, CBS, that says we're objective, we're down the middle --

BRZEZINSKI: -- but we're all liberals and Democrats.

SCARBOROUGH: You know that everyone you worked for, they were all liberals, they were all pro-choice, they were all pro-gun control, they were all, I mean, let me ask you this question: when did you work at CBS?

BRZEZINSKI: Collectively, over a course of 10 years.

SCARBOROUGH: Give me years.

BRZEZINSKI: '90, 2001 to 2007.

SCARBOROUGH: OK, how many people that you worked for at CBS do you think voted for George W. Bush? Of all the thousands you worked for, how many people at CBS do you think voted for George W. Bush?

BRZEZINSKI: A very small percentage.


BRZEZINSKI: I don't know.

SCARBOROUGH: Can you think--seriously--you don't have, just use your insight, your inside head voice here, can you think seriously of one correspondent, of one producer, of one anchor, that was a George W. Bush fan?

BRZEZINSKI: I can.  I can think of one, yes.

SCARBOROUGH: How many did you work for?

BRZEZINSKI: Many more than that. And that's my point.  You're making my point.

Full marks to Mika for her frankness.  But surely she was joking in claiming, and Joe in agreeing, that CBS and NBC aren't "pushing a perspective" and that they "try their best to be objective." Does Dan Rather's use of blatantly forged documents in an attempt to defeat George Bush in 2004 ring a bell, for example?  How about the way NBC turned its entire network over to a "Green Week" promotion of an Algoresque global-warming perspective?

Joe mentioned that there weren't too many conservatives running around NBC/MSNBC either, but it would be interesting for him to get specific in the same way Mika did about CBS.

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