Maddow: Republicans Crusading 'Against Very Idea of Americans Making Good Wages'

Though there's not a ruble's worth of difference between their politics, I normally find Rachel Maddow a kinder, gentler, smarter version of Keith Olbermann.  Not tonight.  Granted, the Countdown host was on hiatus.  But even if Olby had been around, he would have been hard-pressed to outdo Maddow for sheer silliness.

The preposterous proposition Rachel propounded?  Republicans just don't want Americans to make good wages. That's how Maddow in part explained the decision of Senate Republicans to oppose the Big Three bailout.

View video here.

RACHEL MADDOW: Hell, high water? Feh! Last night, with both hell and high water all around, Senate Republicans killed $14 billion in emergency loans to save GM, Ford and Chrysler. Why? Because they've apparently looked back at the Great Depression and decided Hoover is their role model.  Of course the government shouldn't spend money to shore up its economy and save jobs in a downturn! That might make economic sense. Couldn't do that!

The Senate Republicans are counting on our economic and historic ignorance to win short-term political points for refusing to spend government money on something that it hurts to spend money on.  Nobody wants to bail anybody out. But sometimes, you have to. And frankly they are seizing the ideological opportunity to crusade against the unions, and against the very idea of Americans making good wages at their jobs.

Just how does Maddow imagine Republicans figure to get themselves elected?  With only the votes of those high-hatted Monopoly millionaires?

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