Couric: 'Palin Makes No Apologies for Her Pro-Life Views'

It's the kind of liberal media bias that is perhaps the most telling of all. The unconscious sort, revealing an MSMer's world view.  On today's Early Show, introducing the portion of her interview with Sarah Palin dealing with abortion, Katie Couric states: "Palin says she makes no apologies for her pro-life views."

Can you ever imagine Couric introducing an interview with a Dem and saying "so-and-so makes no apologies for his pro-choice views"?  Neither can I.  In Couric's circles, support for abortion rights in this default position, the view that all right-thinking people hold.  No apologies necessary.

But being "pro-life"?  That's the kind of thing any cultured person should really consider apologizing for.  If Palin won't, so be it: but she better not expect to be invited to the better parties on the Vineyard this summer.

View video here.

Bonus Coverage: check the end of the video clip as Couric and Harry Smith schmooze about Couric's segment on the interview on tonight's Evening News.  Katie gets ticked that Harry doesn't know there will be two questions asked, not five, and Harry sarcastically replies "thanks Katie; always good to have you here."  Tension convention!

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