'You Are a Pathetic Human Being, and You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself'

No, not Chris Matthews to Keith Olbermann.  That media odd couple have already begun to kiss and make up. Instead, it was Joe Scarborough who authored the line this morning, directing it at Obama spokesman Mark Bubriski.  The cause of Joe's ire was this email statement Bubriski released to the Miami Herald [emphasis added]:
Palin was a supporter of Pat Buchanan, a right-winger or as many Jews call him: a Nazi sympathizer.
The Morning Joe crew was unanimous in roundly condemning the Obama campaign tactic, rallying around Buchanan, one of its own, who was present on the set.  Bubriski was riffing off a similar allegation made by Bob Wexler, a south Florida Dem congressman.  

View video here.  It's perhaps the longest video clip I've posted, but hope you'll agree the content justifies the length. Joe unleashes on Bubriski [calling him a "jackass" for good measure] three minutes in.

In rejecting the allegation against himself, Buchanan called the Nazis an "evil regime."  Putting his political analyst hat back on, Pat proceeded to suggest that the Obama campaign had opened a can of worms.
PAT BUCHANAN: If they do that, you end the moratorium on Rev. Jeremiah Wright, because Barack Obama's pastor and spiritual advisor for 15 years did run an anti-Semitic church, does run an anti-white church and has engaged in racist rants. And we were told that, look, this is off the table, those sort of things. And them to have them come up and, come after me, you open up somebody's associations?  You open those up. You open up all of yours.

As described here, while I view Pat as an excellent political analyst and a happy warrior, I have my own issues with him.  But if Barack Obama believes Buchanan is a Nazi sympathizer, he should have directed his spokesman to say so forthrightly, rather than resorting to the sleazy technique of attributing the sentiment to others.  In any case, Bubriski's statement is likely to unleash precisely the kind of reaction Buchanan foresaw

The crew's conversation then transitioned to the MSM's gleeful fascination with the Daily Kos-inspired rumor that Sarah Palin's daughter was actually the mother of the Down syndrome child born four months ago. No less than Mika Brzezinski described having attended media parties and witnessed a MSM "rabid" over the story.  Barnicle chipped in, describing the way he reprimanded a young reporter who called him about the story and was apparently willing to uncritically rely on the Kos version.

Bonus Coverage: MSNBC Piles on Palin Pregnancy Story

The Morning Joe crew decried the MSM's fascination with the story of the pregnancy of Sarah Palin's daughter and related issues.  But check the graphics running at the bottom of the screen in thevideo clip. As reader Mica the Magnificent has astutely observed, they represent a non-stop regurgitation of the matter.

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