How Does Politico Justify This Photo Choice?

Update: An NB reader contacted Mike Allen, author of the article, to complain about the photo choice. Allen indicated he was unaware of, and not involved in, the photo selection. The accompaning photo was subsequently changed to one of the condemned solider.

Of all the millions of photos of George W. Bush, that displayed here is the one chose to accompany its story, Bush Approves Soldier's Execution, of the president's authorization of the execution of a soldier convicted of four murders and eight rapes in North Carolina.

Was this a photo taken of Pres. Bush as he announced his decision? Apparently not. The story indicates that the president did not announce his decision in person, but did so via a statement from White House Press Secretary Dana Perino.

Does Politico have evidence that the president made his decision in anger? If so, it didn't report that. To the contrary, Dana Perino's statement says the decision was "difficult" for the president.

According to the Politico's mission statement, "there is more need than ever for reporting that presents the news fairly, not through an ideological prism." How does this photo choice advance that goal?

Note: Politico emailed this item to subscribers as a "Breaking News" story, ensuring wide circulation and reflecting the importance Politico attached to it.

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