'Mika, I Know In Your Heart You're For Barack Obama'

May 29th, 2008 11:11 AM

Lanny Davis let one of the world's worst-kept secrets out of the bag this morning: Mika Brzezinski's a Barack backer. But the Morning Joe host [in Joe Scarborough's absence] insisted on "taking issue" with the incontestable, and yet again cited her family's political diversity as a would-be shield against Davis's assertion.

Davis, former special counsel to Bill Clinton and die-hard defender of the Clinton clan, made his observation of the incontrovertible on Morning Joe at about 7:50 AM EDT today. It arose in the course of a discussion of Hillary's strategy for winning the nomination.

View video here.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: Tell me, will this [the Dem nominating process] be over in a week?

LANNY DAVIS: No. Now Mika, I know in your heart, you're for Barack Obama, and so is my son, and I understand, and I'm going to disappoint you.

BRZEZINSKI: Ah, you know what, Lanny? You know what? Hold on: let me just have some Kool-Aid [shown in the screencap pretending to do just that]. You know what? I actually take issue with that. Because I love Hillary Clinton in this race. And I think it's been amazing to watch, and you'd be surprised how my family breaks down, ideologically and politically, but it's very diverse.

DAVIS: I welcome you aboard. You've left me with a different impression, but if you're for Hillary Clinton, then I take you on very happily.

Please. Mika didn't say she's for Hillary. She said she loves her "in this race," and thinks "it's been amazing to watch." Well sure: as part of a show that thrives on political drama, of course she's happy to have Hillary in the race to spice things up.

And as for Brzezinski's family being politically diverse [if I hear Mika mention one more time that she has a brother who works for McCain I'll scream], so what? Every member of my immediate family is a good Dem. Nu? Davis surely detected Mika's Obama fanhood the way the rest of us have: by watching her make the case for him day in and day out. Give it up, Mika! Why not admit the obvious?