AP: 'Fearless' Liberalism of Franken Primary Opponent

May 11th, 2008 5:01 PM
Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer is a college professor with a long history of political activism and fearless liberalism.—AP, 5-11-08, profile of candidate for Minn. Dem primary nomination [emphasis added].

Fearless liberalism? Fearless? It's fearless for an American college professor to be a big-time liberal? Give me a fearless break!

Yet that's how the AP described the predictably left-wing politics of the man challenging Al Franken for the right to challenge Republican Norm Coleman for his seat in the US Senate. Among Nelson-Pallmeyer's positions:

  • opposed to the death penalty in all circumstances
  • suppport nationwide legalization of same-sex marriages
  • favors a full withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq in the next nine months
  • advocates universal single-payer health insurance and a massive reduction in defense spending.

Yawn. Nelson-Pallmeyer is seeking the endorsement of the state Dem convention, which AP describes as "more liberal than the broader Democratic electorate." So again, what guts does it take to stake out lefty positions while trying to appeal to a lefty audience?

Nelson-Pallmeyer, whose campaign signs "mimic the Wellstone placards that still hang in the front window of many a Democratic household," isn't just any kind of professor. He's a professor of Justice and Peace Studies.

I'd love to see a conservative apply for such a position. Someone from the peace-through-strength school of thought. Now, that would be . . . fearless.