Time's Selective Sense of Humor: Top Cartoons Target Only Conservatives

What do you know? Time magazine ran a list of the Top Ten Editorial Cartoons of 2007, and the only American political figures coming in for lampooning were . . . conservatives.

Four of the cartoons were not explicitly political [sex habits of the elderly, contaminated products from China, VA Tech shootings, Barry Bonds steroids scandal].

But of those that satirized political figures, all were Republicans or conservatives:

  • Dick Cheney as a warrior from the movie "300" leading "the only ones left willing to defend the Bush administration."
  • An angry, unshaven Fred Thompson unable to speak because of writers' strike.
  • Larry Craig as a tap-dance performer.
  • Dick Cheney as Darth Vader scaring Barack Obama by informing him they're distantly related.
  • Jerry Falwell arriving at the Pearly Gates dismayed to find Tinky Winky at the reception desk.

Even Mahmoud Ahmadinejad got better treatment at Time's hands than did conservatives. The only bad news that upsets the Iranian regarding his trip to NYC is his inability to get tickets to The Lion King. Aww.

As for Democrats, not a cartoon in sight. Guess nothing -- from Joe Biden's "clean and articulate" to Hillary's licenses-for-illegals to William Jefferson's "cold cash" to Harry-and-Nancy's inability to get anything done -- tickled Time's fancy.

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