Matthews: 'I Don't See a Whole Lot of Heart' From Rudy or Romney

Widows and orphans, beware: the Republicans are coming!

That was the upshot of Chris Matthews's observation today about two Republican front-runners.

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Financial Times US Managing Editor Chrystia Freeland has become a "Hardball" regular of late.

CHRYSTIA FREELAND: The other thing that people worry about is if someone forecloses on their home, and that's the issue we haven't really seen raised too much in the Rudy-Romney debate. I think as we move into 2008 and the economy looks a lot grimmer, that's going to be another important battleground.

So the Rhodes Scholar is on record? The economy is moving way down in 2008?

Matthews moved into populist mode.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: So which of these two tough Republicans is least likely to give [on an overdue mortgage payment] an extension? I don't see a whole lot of heart from either of these guys. Can you imagine Romney?: "Well, let me look at the tables first."

Let's admit that Chris has a point. Any of the Dems would have a whole lot more heart. With someone else's money, of course.

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