Olbermann Watch Lists Keith's Top Ten Lies of 2007

January 1st, 2008 5:56 PM
Johnny Dollar over at Olbermann Watch compiled a list of the orange-tinted “Countdown” host's Top Ten Lies of 2007 (h/t Conservathink).

Between doctoring quotes, misrepresenting TV ratings, obsessing over Michelle Malkin's ethnicity and crushing on Bill O'Reilly, the TV host who self-anointed himself as Edward R. Murrow's heir let loose with some tall tales.

While lie number one is my favorite (go read it), some of 2007's lying lowlights include Keith claiming Rosie O'Donnell never compared US troops to terrorists, stating Fox News' Roger Ailes is running Rudy Giuliani's presidential campaign or just lying about O'Reilly and News. Here's a little sample (bold mine):

#5 - ... But our #5 entry shows Keith "Man on Fan" Olbermann at his most desperate. So eager was he to protect a possible NBC hire (Rosie O'Donnell) he doctored her words (sound familiar?) to claim she never compared US troops to terrorists. Then he blamed "Fox Noise"--another lie to protect his own sorry butt, since the people who accused Rosie of the troops/terrorism comparison were Joe Scarborough, Chris Matthews, and Howard Fineman--not on Fox, but on MSNBC!

#3 - When Oralmann gets a bee in his bonnet, there is nothing that will stand in the way of OlbySpin. So he will pretend Richard Armitage never existed and assert that Karl Rove was an "original leaker" of Valerie Plame. To attack GWB, he'll invent a nonexistent checklist of rules for Presidential pardons. But his blatant dishonesty about waterboarding is our #3 lie. Olby's duplicity about Daniel Levin was so shamelessly barefaced that even the fawning mainstream media called him on it, something that gave John Gibson no end of pleasure.

For #2 on the list, Olbermann--from the safety of his plush anchor chair--dismissed the two Iraqis who blog at the award-winning Iraq The Model as just some “anonymous Iraqi bloggers” as a way to bash Bush. Nice.

Keith tried to make Omar and Mohammed seem like unreasonable sources because they are “two dentists.” In a classy move, Olbermann ridiculed their opinions as unimportant while trying to make Bush look uninformed for quoting those two lowly Iraqi bloggers. Better alert CAIR, that seems rather Orientalist to me. As usual, he misrepresented someone's words to score political points:

 #2 - Did you know that Keith Olbermann doesn't indulge in personal attacks? Why no, he's above all that. Sure, tell that to Liz Claman. In #2 of our countdown, observe how Fat A**, to fuel yet another error-ridden critique of GWB, is willing to smear two writers: ridicule their professions, lie about their success... There can be no doubt that Keith Olbermann is The Model of a Liar.

Go to Olbermann Watch to read about the truly astounding number one!


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