Newest MSNBC Show Makes No Effort To Tame Network's Bias

Telemundo anchor José Díaz-Balart lauded his brand new MSNBC show as being “for you,” “for all of us” and “for all people”on Monday. Of course, by “all of us”José Díaz-Balart meant MSNBC’s usual target audience, liberals.

Díaz-Balart invited MSNBC anchor Lawrence O’Donnell on to the show to discuss what The Last Word host described as the outrageous Republican rhetoric that “this presidency is out of control.” Without offering any rebuttal, Díaz-Balart allowed the Lean Forward left winger to dismiss Obama’s overreach in altering legislation as the president merely “changing some dates.” [See video below. Click here for MP3 audio]

O’Donnell was also careful to note that Obama was “changing those dates in a direction that Republicans like, which is to say delaying the implementation of a provision they hate.” He expressed his “fascination” that Republicans would still protest to the president overstepping Constitutional law when Obama did something they actually “like.”

If Chris Jansing’s replacement really seeks to tell the news “for all people,” perhaps next time he should counter O’Donnell’s efforts to downplay any motivation behind Boehner’s lawsuit and Republican “rhetoric.”

See transcript below:

José Díaz-Balart
July 14, 2014
10:17 a.m. Eastern
5 minutes and 4 seconds

JOSÉ DÍAZ-BALART: Let's talk about the real end game for Speaker Boehner, suing the president of the United States of America.

LAWRENCE O’DONNELL: Well, you know, what he's come down to. We've seen months and months and months of rhetoric, José. You could say years of rhetoric about, on the Republican side of the House saying this presidency is out of control. Members of the House of Representatives using the word impeachment from time to time saying maybe it's come to that. And so now we see, now we see what the outrage behavior of this president is. It is changing some dates. Some effective dates in the Affordable Care Act. And, by the way, changing those dates in a direction that Republicans like, which is to say delaying the implementation of a provision they hate. And the employer mandate. And so it's fascinating to see--


O’DONNELL: That their entire complaint about this presidency comes down to some dates within that legislation.

DÍAZ-BALART: And, you know, Lawrence, what is fascinating is that for some on the right, the lawsuit is not good enough.

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