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Good news to all the conservatives who were worried about free speech on campuses. Obama has spoken! And even better, the left-wing millennial obsessed media website BuzzFeed has picked it up! In an article posted on September 14, BuzzFeed political editor Katherine Miller reported Obama said in Iowa that college students should listen to opposing points of view and shouldn't be "coddled and protected from different points of view." Miller never noticed this is the president who forced Obamacare and the Iran deal through Congress without really listening to opponents.

A top article trending on Vox, an exclusively online (and leftward leaning) news platform is entitled "I'm a liberal professor, and my liberal students terrify me." According to a professor of a "mid-size state school" who preferred to remain anonymous to protect his job, "The student-teacher dynamic has been re-envisioned along a line that's simultaneously consumerist and hyper-protective, giving each and every student the ability to claim Grievous Harm in nearly any circumstance, after any affront, and a teacher's formal ability to respond to these claims is limited at best."

Ayaan Hirsi Ali has risked her life to promote women’s rights in and outside of Islam. She was born in Somalia, where she survived female genital mutilation at the hands of her grandmother. She grew up to serve as a Member of Parliament in the Netherlands, wrote a script for a film that dared to criticize Islamic treatment of women, and when the death threats became too much for even the government secret service to handle, she was forced into hiding.

Of course, none of this mattered to Jon Stewart, who on the March 23 episode of The Daily Show chose to spend the entire interview feeling tenderly for Islam, claiming that people tend to “single out as though there is something inherently wrong with it that is not wrong with other religions.”

One of MSNBC’s favorite contributors, Eugene Robinson, graced Monday’s Washington Post with an opinion article that accused Republicans of “Obama Derangement Syndrome.” In an article entitled “Deranged by Obama, Republicans are spouting nonsense,” Robinson described the “feverish delirium” of those who dare to criticize President Obama for being unpatriotic.
According to the Post correspondent, “this is obviously a nonsensical thing to say about a man who was elected president twice and has served as commander in chief for more than six years.”

The Rachel Maddow Blog never disappoints. On January 22, Maddow producer Steve Benen published a blog that, in typical MSNBC fashion, attempted to portray a Republican politician as a radical racist. This week’s choice: Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R).

Will the networks cover?
On Tuesday, residents of Chicago’s South Side staged a die-in at Hyde Park Academy High School. But unlike recent demonstrations, these civilians were not protesting any verdict or police action. Instead, they were protesting the University of Chicago’s bid for the Barack Obama Presidential Library.

The liberal thought police have struck again. On Friday, November 21, one day after Obama announced amnesty for five million illegal immigrants, the Indianapolis Star posted a cartoon by Gary Varvel that depicted an American family gathering around the table for Thanksgiving. As the nonplussed father presents the turkey, three people appear to be climbing in the window, and he states, “Thanks to the president’s immigration order, we’ll be having extra guests this Thanksgiving,”

USA Today has joined The New York Times in showing their ongoing support for a president who, on Thursday, unilaterally granted amnesty to five million illegal immigrants. In an article entitled “First take: Echoes of Bush in Obama's immigration speech,” reporter Gregory Korte went out of his way to portray Obama’s actions as comparable to George Bush’s call for congressional approval of an immigration bill. While Bush “called on Congress to act,” Obama “dared Congress to act.”

Dana Bash is not one to put aside her biases in the name of journalism. As Matthew Balan reported just last week, the CNN Capitol Hill correspondent appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 to blame Senate Republicans for the “dysfunction” in the federal government. This week proved no different. She snarkily tweeted on GOP sexism, noting the Senate leadership walked by and it was "half a dozen white men."

In his Washington Post column on Thursday, Robinson made it quite clear that he should receive a televised “liberal” label every time he appears as a nonpartisan commentator. In his op-ed entitled “Do Republicans have a plan for the country? The answer is ‘no,’” Robinson explained how “no matter how well Republicans do at the polls Tuesday — and my hunch is they won’t do as well as they hope — the GOP won’t be able to claim any kind of mandate.” According to him, it is “because they have refused to articulate any vision for governing.”

While many on the Left spent last week using the terrorist attack in Canada to promote their gun control agendas, all three major networks managed to overlook a newsworthy story that supported gun rights. On October 20 in North Carolina, a grandfather used a gun to successfully protect his family from violent home invaders.

All of the liberal media seem to be pushing the same agenda: overhype the “Fangate” controversy to their political advantage.  On the October 16 episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart spent the first nine minutes of his half hour long Comedy Central time slot praising Governor Rick Scott for being the “pony” in the “horse s***” world” his very own President created. He called him "the hairless serpentine incumbent," and put his head on a snake.

The liberal media’s favorite unethical and crude comedian is at it again. On the October 2 edition of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, the Comedy Central host began his monologue with a distasteful joke only a self-proclaimed liberal could get away with. In fact, if any conservative comedian (should he get airtime) had made the same joke, he would have been booed off the set.
After playing a clip of Bill O’Reilly stating that due to the threat of Ebola, “I would absolutely say, for the next few months, nobody from West Africa gets into the United States,” Stewart showed an image of a slave-trade map of the 1700’s and snidely commented, “What a difference in Africa-U.S. travel policy 150 years makes. You know, I have to say that Africans--they would have loved that proposal 200 years ago.”

Steve Benen, the leftist blogger-turned-producer for The Rachel Maddow Show, could hardly contain his contempt in his September 25 post on Under the headline “New GOP ad campaign: ‘Republicans Have Feelings,’” Benen derided the newest efforts of Republican strategist Vinny Minchillo to bring some much needed perspective to the left wing’s hysterical slant against Republicans.

Nicolle Wallace, the token "conservative" on "The View," went out of her way to to express her faith in the Obama administration in the war on ISIS.

Trust he was a "very reluctant warrior," she said, but now "he is deadly serious."

MSNBC host Jose Diaz-Balart managed to carve out two full minutes of his program on Wednesday for NBC’s Luke Russert to blast the hearing for being partisan and expensive. Russert made sure to describe the committee from the Democratic point of view, explaining their misgivings over the lack of a “long-term strategy” and “planning in terms of the rules of the committee.”

Russert ended his left-wing report by blasting the hearing for “com(ing) in a tune…of $3.3 million cost to taxpayers.” Apparently MSNBC’s big government liberals only care about cost when conservatives are spending the money.

Ronan Farrow is at it again. On the August 14 edition of Ronan Farrow Daily, MSNBC’s favorite Hillary Clinton prodigy tried to blame the outfitting of local police departments with military-style gear, as exemplified in the police reaction to the recent racially charged protests in Ferguson, Missouri, on evil “defense contractors.” He asked his guest Radley Balko, author Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces “how much of” the militarization of police “is due to defense contractors profiting off of this ability legislatively of the Defense Department to purchase to the point of surplus?”

Earlier Balko explained that President Reagan “off the cuff, instructed the Pentagon to start making surplus military equipment available to police departments across the country.” He added it was not until the 1990's, and the institution of section 1033 of the National Defense Authorization Act that the “transfer to Federal and State agencies personal property of the Department of Defense, including small arms and ammunition” to local police forces to aid in fighting the War on Drugs became official policy. [See video below. Click here for MP3 audio]

International human trafficking is a lucrative, exploitative, and deadly criminal enterprise, often operated by ruthless drug cartels who don’t mind branching out into sex trafficking. So it was a little shocking that Jose Diaz-Balart gave a platform to a fellow journalists who evinced some sympathy for the plight of the smugglers.

On the August 14 edition of his eponymous MSNBC program, Diaz-Balart hosted Telemundo’s Julio Vaqueiro, who discussed his recent interview with “a coyote, a member of an international crime syndicate set up to smuggle people across the border.” At no point, however, did Diaz-Balart protest Vaqueiro’s portrayal of the criminal as a necessary helper to “migrants who are putting their lives at risk just to get a better life here in the United States.” [See transcript below. Click here for MP3 audio]

MSNBC did its best to hype the “really tight race” facing Republican incumbent and possible 2016 candidate Governor Scott Walker on the August 13 edition of The Daily Rundown.  Guest host Chris Cillizza teased a segment on the Wisconsin Republican’s re-election twice in the first half hour of his 9 a.m. show, boasting “a look at Scott Walker's biggest fight yet” and the “tough road to re-election ahead of him.” MSNBC even featured the clip on their website, with the title “Scott Walker starts to scramble for November.”

The overblown segment was barely over one minute long, in which Cillizza began the discussion by asking NBC news political reporter Carrie Dann, “How much trouble is Scott Walker in?” Based on the tone of The Washington Post reporter, the fact that the Wisconsin governor celebrated his nomination with “a big rally last night,” even though “no one thought he wasn't going to be the Republican nominee” was a bad sign. [See video below. Click here for MP3 audio]

On the August 11 edition of CNN Newsroom, Brooke Baldwin invited fellow CNN host Don Lemon and former NYPD detective Gil Alba on the show to discuss the latest reports of unrest in Ferguson, Mo., following the shooting of an unarmed African-American teen. While the policeman bluntly stated that “there should never be rioting,” Lemon seemed to excuse the behavior, arguing that “when people are put in dire situations, you don't know how they are going to react.”

Alba argued that “when you have the riots, it kind of ruins anybody's having -- you know, trying to help out with this.” The looting allows for a few opportunistic people to use discourse for their own personal gain, and to destroy “their own community” instead of confronting the real “relationship between the police and the community.” The CNN Newsroom anchor remained unmoved and adhered to his position. [See vidoe below. Click here for MP3 audio]