Nets Hail Biden’s Radical Climate Plan as ‘Ambitious,’ ‘Visionary’

April 22nd, 2021 1:14 PM

After the left-wing media spent the past year claiming a “silver lining” of the deadly global pandemic was a decrease in fossil fuel emissions, on Thursday, the network morning shows celebrated Earth Day by hailing President Biden’s radical climate change agenda. The economic damage his plans would cause was conveniently ignored as reporters cheered the “ambitious” and “visionary” government scheme.

“The Biden administration is pledging to slash U.S. greenhouse gas emotions by 50-52% by the year 2030,” co-host Savannah Guthrie proclaimed during a news brief on NBC’s Today show. She eagerly pointed out that the “goal was unveiled at the start of a two-day climate summit hosted by President Biden,” and “more than doubles the country’s prior commitment under the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.”



Guthrie vaguely mentioned that “emissions cuts are expected to come from power plants, automobiles, and other sectors,” but no explanation was given as to how it would happen or what the cost would be to those industries or American consumers.

The details didn’t matter to weatherman Al Roker, who, along with fellow left-wing climate crusader Bill Nye, applauded the move later in the broadcast:

ROKER: A big Earth summit today – climate summit at the White House. President Biden announcing the U.S. will reduce carbon...

NYE: By half.

ROKER: Half. At least 50% going forward.

NYE: It’s really visionary, you guys.

On ABC’s Good Morning America, correspondent Cecilia Vega framed Biden’s leftist environmental push as “sending a signal, a very strong signal, that the U.S. is back after former President Trump pulled the country out of the Paris Climate Accords.” While she admitted that the administration was “not offering a lot of details,” the reporter asserted that it didn’t really matter, it was about the symbolism: “ much of this right now is about regaining the trust of the world and credibility when it comes to fighting climate change on the world stage and convincing other big nations around the world that they should try to do the same and make some of these same pushes.”

“Today is Earth Day and President Biden plans to announce an ambitious goal to cut America’s greenhouse gas emissions over the next nine years,” CBS This Morning co-host Anthony Mason proudly announced. He then touted new polling designed to bolster Biden: “A CBS News poll out this morning found 53% of Americans approve of the President’s handling of climate change. 56% in our poll think the issue should be addressed right now.”

Correspondent Ed O’Keefe followed:

The President is set to announce the most aggressive cuts in greenhouse gas emissions, with plans to slash them by 50% to 52% from their 2005 peak. Doing so would put the United States back in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, which, of course, this country left during the Trump administration.

As the report concluded, co-host Tony Dokoupil brushed aside any concerns over the economic cost by making the classic liberal argument that we couldn’t afford not to implement the crushing climate policies: “And there are costs, of course, to addressing climate change, but we have to remember there are costs of doing nothing, as well.”

Later on the show, the CBS hosts talked to young environmental activists and sympathized with the “climate anxiety” they were feeling.

Whenever a Democrat wants to implement a radical and controversial agenda that could cause massive economic harm, the partisan media swoon over the plans being “ambitious” and “visionary.” The term “extreme” is only ever thrown around when Republicans propose something.   

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