NBC & CBS: Trump’s Concession Delay Could Cause Another 9/11!

November 11th, 2020 11:52 AM

On Wednesday, leftist media hysteria over President Trump not yet conceding to Joe Biden reached a fever pitch, with journalists on NBC’s Today show and CBS This Morning blatantly fearmongering that the delay could cause another 9/11-style terrorist attack. Apparently the same partisan press that indulged Al Gore’s weeks-long refusal to concede the 2000 presidential race now suddenly believes that recount drama jeopardized national security.

“In 2000, the legal fight over less than 600 votes in a single state, Florida, delayed the transition between the Clinton and Bush administrations by 37 days,” noted correspondent Peter Alexander on the Today show. He then warned: “The 9/11 Commission that examined the 2001 terror attacks found that loss of time slowed the Bush team from ‘identifying, recruiting, clearing and obtaining confirmation for key appointees.’”



Moments later, co-host Savannah Guthrie hyped the narrative once again:

I noticed on the national security piece of this, you know, we just saw in Peter’s report that the 9/11 Commission actually said when Democrats slowed the transition to George W. Bush’s administration back in 2000 that that had an effect on what happened in their preparedness for 9/11. Now, of course, the situation is totally reversed. Are Republicans worried about the national security implications of delaying all of this?

Correspondent Kasie Hunt proclaimed: “...people feel calmed by the way Joe Biden handled it, but there’s a lot of concern about the real world national security implications. And you are starting to see that come out a little bit in public, even from Republicans.”

As recently as last Thursday, the hypocrites at NBC actually brought Al Gore on air during election special coverage and absurdly invited him to lecture Trump. Meet the Press host Chuck Todd even remarkably demanded that Trump be as “conciliatory” as Gore was in 2000. No one asked Gore whether he contributed to the 9/11 attacks by drawing out the election for over a month.

Trump has only delayed his concession five days since Biden projected to be the president-elect. Trump would have to delay another 32 days to be as gracious as Gore was 20 years ago.

On CBS This Morning, co-host Tony Dokoupil echoed the same fears about Trump’s delayed concession:

I want to remind people about the stakes here. The 2000 election had a delayed transition to December 13th and the 9/11 Commission actually identified that delayed and shortened transition as contributing to the lack of preparedness on 9/11, worst terror attack in U.S. history. So this really matters.  

When Gore insisted on pursuing legal challenges for weeks and refusing to accept his election defeat in 2000, the media had no problem with him taking his time. Now that a Republican wants to wait, the same hacks in the press are demanding an immediate concession and warning of dire consequences if it doesn’t happen.

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