Krauthammer: ‘Semi-Historic’ for Dems to Be Pressed on Abortion at FNC Town Hall

March 9th, 2016 10:03 AM

On Tuesday’s Special Report on Fox News, columnist Charles Krauthammer praised anchor Bret Baier for finally holding Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders accountable for their hard-left abortion views: “I thought it was even almost – it was semi-historic the way you actually asked a question about abortion. I think there have been, what, seven Democratic debates and not one about abortion.”

He blasted the constant media double standard on the issue:

The moderators are always asking Republicans about the difficult issue of exceptions for the pro-life position, which is a serious question. But you never hear the same question asked about the difficult exceptions on the pro-choice side, meaning, is there any time, anywhere, any time in the pregnancy when you would allow a regulation to prevent an abortion? Which is never asked, has to be asked, and was asked.

Wrapping up his analysis, Krauthammer called on the press to follow Baier’s example: “You actually were able to pierce the veil on that and I’d like to see other moderators pick it up. I doubt they will, but it's good that you did.”

At the beginning of the segment, Krauthammer also applauded Baier for grilling Clinton on her e-mail scandal: “But it is refreshing that one of the candidates, Hillary, finally got a question on e-mails that the other moderators in the other debates have stayed away from.”

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