NBC Ignores Hillary Gaffe That She ‘Always Tried’ to Tell the Truth

On Friday, both CBS This Morning and ABC’s Good Morning America highlighted a gaffe by Hillary Clinton in a Thursday interview with CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley, when she claimed she “always tried to” tell the truth. However, NBC’s Today completely ignored the stumble.

On This Morning, correspondent Nancy Cordes noted: “Clinton was asked about an issue that has dogged her, in an interview with Scott Pelley.” A clip ran of the exchange, with Pelley pressing her: “You talk about leveling with the American people. Have you always told the truth?” After Clinton replied that “I've always tried to, always, always,” Pelley called her out: “Some people are gonna call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself, ‘always try to.’”

On GMA, correspondent Cecilia Vega briefly mentioned that “Clinton, asked if she's always told the truth, caught up on her own answer.”

Tell the Truth 2016

In a report for Today, correspondent Andrea Mitchell avoided the Democratic candidate’s fumbled response and even skipped Clinton being asked about her “trust deficit” with voters during an MSNBC town hall event Thursday night.

Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd, who co-moderated the town hall and put the trust question to Clinton, was also on the morning show. Like Mitchell, he didn’t bother to mention the exchange.

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