CNN, Dem AG Mock Comparisons to BLM Violence: 'Unbelievably Different'

January 15th, 2021 1:30 PM

CNN has shamelessly pandered to liberal rioters and downplayed their violent actions this past summer and now are showing their hypocrisy over last week’s violent Capitol Hill siege by a mob of Trump supporters. Even though most Democrats were reluctant to criticize, and many avoided condemning left-wing violence altogether, CNN and the rest of the media have made it their mission to punish Republicans in Congress and shame millions of Trump voters as responsible for the Capitol Hill riot. The network aided one Democrat official this morning in defending Democrat double standards, while claiming that Black Lives Matter protests were “unbelievably different” than the Capitol Hill violence. 

Democrat Attorney General for Washington D.C., Karl Racine appeared on CNN’s New Day this morning to discuss who is being investigated for their part in the violence last week. Camerota waited until the final question to give any sort of pushback. And when she did, she employed a mocking voice, clearly revealing this was just a set up to help the Democrat destroy a conservative talking point:



ALISYN CAMEROTA: Very quickly, what do you think about the argument that the people like Ken Cuccinelli keep trying to make. [in mocking voice] ‘Well, this was just like Black Lives Matter protests over the summer. How is this any different than what happened in Portland?’

KARL RACINE: Well, let's be honest about that. And I think that people like Ken Cuccinelli, who I heard on another stations last week, actually tried to criticize the Capitol Hill police officer who shot and unfortunately killed the woman who broke into the Capitol. Cuccinelli was actually calling for de-escalation. Are you kidding me? When have you ever heard this administration talk about de-escalating violence? This is selective. It's inappropriate. And it's outrageous. In regards to Black Lives Matter and the comparison to an attempt of insurrection at the Capitol? I think it speaks for itself. 

When people like General Mattis make clear that what this was, was an attempted insurrection into our democratic ways, we know quite easily that the Black Lives Matter protest was unbelievably different. And by the way, do not let anyone, including Ken Cuccinelli or other elected officials tell you that Democratic elected people did not condemn the violence that occurred during the Summer protests. 


RACINE: They always did. I always did. I got to tell you, though, trying to overturn an election with violence, including violence on police officers is something very, very different. And they should be held to account for their lives. 

But Democrat politicians who criticized left-wing rioting were few and far between. Some prominent Democrats like Nancy Pelosi waited until the rioting was basically over to condemn it. And the Democrats who did criticize the violence did their best to defend the political groups behind the rioting first. 

CNN was so desperate to excuse Democrats, they even went so far as to blame President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for left-wing violence!

Earlier in this interview, CNN played a montage from the rally before the riot, showing clips of President Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Rep. Mo Brooks, and Rudy Giuliani stirring up the crowd with some questionable rhetoric. Alisyn Camerota repeatedly asked the Democrat AG if he was going to prosecute these Republicans for inciting violence, which he acknowledged was something his team was pursuing. Some may say that Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and more recently Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley, have incited violence with little to zero media attention or calls from CNN for repercussions.

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