Outrageous: CNN, MSNBC Defend Biden, Blame Trump for BLM Violence

August 27th, 2020 2:33 PM

CNN and MSNBC tag teamed to attack President Trump and Vice President Pence this morning for not expressing enough support for Jacob Blake and Black Lives Matter, while at the same time blaming the administration for the violence and destruction caused by Black Lives Matter and other left-wing activists across the country. Is your head spinning yet?

CNN’s New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota and MSNBC Live host Hallie Jackson tried to have it both ways in their extremely hostile interviews with Vice President Pence’s Chief of Staff, Marc Short, Thursday morning. The journalists repeatedly demanded the administration express support for the BLM activists, the NBA protests and Jacob Blake’s family. At the same time, each host blamed the riots and racial unrest on the Trump administration. The media seems to have forgotten that BLM burned down cities like Ferguson and Baltimore after police shootings during the Obama administration, too. Was Obama to blame then?

Here’s a sampling of CNN following Democrat party orders in their grilling of Short:

ALISYN CAMEROTA:  Let's talk about your boss, Vice President Pence's speech last night. One of the things that he said that is getting attention is quote people will not be safe in Joe Biden's America. Do you think that people feel safe in Kenosha, Wisconsin, this morning in Donald Trump's America?

...To be clear, President Trump is president today and he was president in may when George Floyd was killed. And so why should Americans think that if they re-elect him to be president anything would be different?

... But the violence its already happened. it's on President Trump's watch.

…. I think what you're missing, people saw with their own eyes what happened to George Floyd and they were able to see with their own eyes the piece of the cell phone video what’s happened to Jacob Blake. Why didn't Vice President Pence talk about those names last night and those situations?

.... But why isn't he specifically naming Jacob Blake and what happened to him and similarly, the vigilantism happening in Kenosha? 

MSNBC's Hallie Jackson also badgered Short with five questions in a row about why he didn't feel it "necessary" for Pence to say Jacob Blake's name and reach out to his family, despite this being an ongoing investigation and new details not exactly backing up the media's narrative. Jackson then embarrassed herself by trying to claim Joe Biden wasn't for defunding the police. Short reminded her he's said things to the contrary, (click "expand"):

HALLIE JACKSON: We should note here that Joe Biden himself does not support defunding the police. Marc, you said people feel unsafe and are talking about the fear they feel. Many as you know members of the black community feel fear because of the systemic racism in this country and Donald Trump is currently the president in this environment that as you describe people feel unsafe. So if people are feeling unsafe now under a Trump administration, do you not bear some responsibility for that, you and the vice president and of course President Trump? 

MARC SHORT: So Hallie, let's step back for one second, Joe Biden did say when asked he would absolutely decrease funding to police. Secondly, I think -- 

JACKSON: He was talking about specifically vehicles and sort of the apparatus for police. He has specifically said he does not want to -- 

SHORT:  --You’re acknowledging he said we would decrease funding to police, so I appreciate that affirmation. 

JACKSON: No, I'm not at all actually. I'm saying--

SHORT: Actually you just did, Hallie. 

JACKSON: Marc, I'm not -- 


SHORT: You did. You did. The reality is -- 


JACKSON: I disagree with the assessments. Truly not trying to get in the back-and-forth with you...

Both CNN and MSNBC ended their interviews badgering Short on Pence needing to come out and support the NBA players boycotting games over the Jacob Blake shooting.

On CNN, Short said it was “absurd and silly” for NBA players to boycott over that situation while their organization supports concentration-camp running Communist China. That comment provoked outrage from co-host John Berman who cut in afterwards. Like Jackson, he also tried to defend Biden with a fact-check:

BERMAN: It was astounding first of all that he called what the NBA players are doing is silly, he said he thinks it's silly…. and one more thing I wanted to correct, because he lied about what Vice President Biden did after George Floyd. Vice President Biden absolutely did condemn the violence on the streets there after George Floyd and he did again after Kenosha. 

It's no surprise that Short forgot about the Biden camp's late night statement rebuking the violence over Floyd back in May. His words were so mild they went under the radar of most everyone. Biden has issued several, much harsher statements attacking law enforcement and America as racist than he has about the rioters burning down cities and killing people.

MSNBC's blatant defense of Biden was sponsored by Carvana and Applebee's