On ABC, Palin BLASTS Media Protecting Kamala: Don’t Treat Her With ‘Kid Gloves'

August 13th, 2020 9:42 AM

Good Morning America producers probably weren’t expecting THIS when they asked Sarah Palin to comment on Kamala Harris’s run, Thursday morning. 

After the last female Vice Presidential candidate offered Harris some friendly advice in an Instagram post earlier this week, ABC asked Palin to come on GMA to explain why she did it. However, Palin didn’t waste the opportunity to point out how the media treated her run compared to the Democrat's. She even pointed out how Harris is already experiencing media “privilege” while calling on journalists to treat her fairly, not with “kid gloves:”



AMY ROBACH: Governor Palin, obviously you and Senator Harris are on the opposite sides of the political aisle. What made you decide to want to reach out to her? 

SARAH PALIN: You know, I had a great discussion with Geraldine Ferraro when I was chosen. I called her and we were able to kind of bond over, you know, this unique experience that she had had and that I was ready to have. So, you know, I wish that more people, more women would have reached out to me at the time because, you know, it was a tough job, of course, running for that office. Kamala, she's more -- I think she's in a better position in terms of what to expect than I or Geraldine Ferraro back in the day because, again, you know, people have come before her to be able to run and here, you know, we see the big feminist list of women who've already come out to support her and kind of saying, you know, 'hey, media, keep your hands off her when it comes to some issues that maybe you're gearing up to attack her for.' Nobody did that for me.

Nobody did that for Geraldine, so she has a bit of a privilege there and, you know, we'll see how she handles that, but I hope that the media will treat her candidacy not as personally rough as they treated mine because a lot of the coverage of me was quite unfair and I'm not saying that as a victim or a whiner, I'm saying that as fact, and, you know, I hope that they will treat her fairly but at the same time no kid gloves, you know, the American voter wants to know that we have the most capable people running and who will be elected regardless of gender, regardless of race. 

Palin is right, of course, and she is still being attacked by the media years later. Meanwhile, Harris is already being treated with kid gloves, which is perhaps why the Biden campaign thanked them yesterday, so Palin’s warning is likely to be ignored by the media who is so obviously in the tank for Biden.