Chelsea Handler: White People Need to Be 'Uncomfortable,' Take Racial Sensitivity Classes

September 18th, 2019 1:45 PM

Comedian Chelsea Handler loves being browbeaten about her white privilege by woke millennial college students, apparently. On The View Wednesday, she admitted that in her new Netflix documentary about white privilege, she visited a liberal college campus where black students “took her to task” her about her own privilege. Handler said she even took sexual harassment and racial sensitivity classes, which “everyone” should be taking, she said.

Co-host Abby Huntsman first asked about her “uneasy” visit to an open mic night at the University of Southern California.

Handler admitted it “wasn’t welcoming,” and that black students told her that by making a white privilege documentary, she was demonstrating her white privilege (ugh):

It wasn't welcoming, you know? There were black people in that room that were taking me to task saying, all you do is come in here and take, take, take. You making a documentary about white privilege is an example of your privilege, and I -- yes. That is correct, and it was good for me to hear….

Handler went on to say that “the problem” was that white people “don’t want to be uncomfortable” by doing this same thing. But they deserved to be uncomfortable because of America’s history of racism:

“Guess what? It's okay to be uncomfortable. We can afford to be a little uncomfortable after everything that's happened and stretch our kind of brains and our bodies to -- to put ourselves in situations that aren't natural. That aren't comfortable,” she declared.



The liberal comedian also admitted she was forced to take “sexual harassment classes” because someone at the open mic reported her being too touchy-feely:

"I don't know where that came into the picture..Because of my handsy nature. I'm, like, really? As a woman? Nobody can touch each other right now. I'm, like, all right. That's good to know, and racial sensitivity classes," she stated.

Handler gushed, “We should all be taking all of those classes!” she gushed, before saying it was "important" that white people live in diverse communities as well, to overcome their privilege.

“We all have to learn how to do better,” she claimed.

Afterwards, co-host Sunny Hostin relayed one part in the documentary where four “white conservative” women talked about how racism was being overblown by society, and about affirmative action in the college admissions process giving minorities their own “privilege.” Joy Behar was aghast at this news.

“They need the training,” she gushed.

Handler agreed, saying she wanted to call them “stupid or annoying” but she was trying to be “a listener” in this documentary.

“Me screaming at those women doesn't get us anywhere,” she shrugged. But Behar demanded these kind of beliefs needed to be stamped out through liberal schooling:

“You don't want to scream, but they need to learn history, the history of this country, the history of slavery and Jim Crow, et cetera, before they open their mouths!” she ranted in frustration, as the audience cheered. “They don't know history,” she declared again.