Terry Moran Rips Media's, Dems' 'Obsession' Over Impeaching Trump Through Mueller: 'That Hope Is Dead'

April 22nd, 2019 11:06 AM

On ABC’s This Week With George Stephanopoulos Sunday, Terry Moran doubled down on a surprising admission he made one month ago on the program, that the Mueller report would be a “reckoning” for the media and Democrats, after they spent so much time hyping it. On Easter Sunday, Moran emphasized again how the “obsession” of using Mueller to impeach Trump was going to backfire spectacularly for both the media and the left.

Fill-in host Martha Raddatz sat down with Moran, the senior national correspondent, and Pierre Thomas, senior justice correspondent to hash out what Democrats were going to do next. She confronted Moran, asking him if he still felt that Democrats, (leaving out the media part,) deserved a “reckoning” over the report which showed no collusion:

Terry, you said about a month ago on this program that if Mueller did not have evidence to support that the president aided the Russians that's a reckoning for the Progressives and Democrats. He has been cleared of conspiracy with the Russians. But does this report leave a clear reckoning for Democrats?

Moran doubled down on his earlier statement, claiming President Trump was not going to be impeached over this and called out the left for “pinning their hopes on that:”

Well, I think it does. Donald Trump is not going to be removed from office for this. Whatever the house of representatives does. Donald Trump is not going to be marched out of office in handcuffs. The 2016 election is not going to be reversed by this. Too many Democrats and progressives-- pin their hopes on that.

As soon as he got to that last part, Raddatz began to interrupt to defend the media’s obsession. “But even with the obstruction of justice that he did not make a determination, Mueller, still a reckoning?” she begged for a different answer.

Unfortunately for her, Moran wasn’t budging. He slammed Democrats and the media’s all-consuming “obsession” with the Mueller report which didn’t show what they wanted to find:

A reckoning for Democrats, for sure, because now that hope is dead. And as a result, they are going to go to the public as many of the candidates already are with an argument more than don't you hate him, too, don't you want to get rid of him, too, I think that's a positive reckoning for Democrats. This has been an obsession. This has been something that has consumed, the energy, the political energy in the democratic party and in the media as well. I think getting past that is good for the country.

Displeased with that answer, Raddatz turned to Thomas to gush about all the other investigations Democrats were hanging their hats on to get Trump out of office.