Daily Show Calls Religious Freedom 'Crazy' While Mocking Karen Pence's Christianity

January 17th, 2019 11:12 AM

Wednesday, The Daily Show followed CBS’s lead in trying to shame VP Mike Pence’s wife Karen after it was announced that she would be returning to teaching art to students at a Christian school in Northern Virginia. Because the school is Christian, it holds Christian policies for its students and faculty. Apparently that’s a shocking thing in 2019, as host Trevor Noah took aim at Pence and America’s “crazy” right to religious freedom.

The very short segment began with Noah taking cheap shots at the Pence’s relationship:

“Moving on to other hiring news, Mike Pence's wife Karen or ‘Mother’ as she's called during their BDSM late-night kink sessions, announced she is going back to work,” he began. The Daily Show then played a news brief pointing out the “controversy” of Karen Pence going to work at a Christian school, which “bans gay and transgender students and makes job candidates sign a pledge they won't condone homosexual activity.” Noah then reacted with incredulity that a private Christian school would stick to Christian doctrine on gender and sexuality:

“I’m sorry, what? No gay kids allowed? How is that a school policy?” Noah gushed.

“Like do they just have an assembly one day where the principal is like listen up, at this school we pound pussy, am I clear? Hands up. Who in here is interested in the spring musical, trick question, you're out, you're out, you're out, you're all out!” he joked. That’s when he admitted he thought religious freedom in America was just a “crazy” license for people to discriminate:

I'm not going to lie. I think it's crazy that if you want to discriminate against anyone in America all you have to do is go, ‘Oh, it's because of my religion! I’m not discriminating!’ I want to try that. I want to say, ‘No short people allowed at my shows because I want all my friends to be close to Jesus and you couldn't be further away.’

It’s easy for the media to pick on the Pence’s Christianity while blindly ignoring the Democrats’ own problems with anti-Semitism.