View Goes Nuts on Kavanaugh: Republicans Want 'Angry Drunk Frat Boy,' Make Women 'Second Class Citizens'

September 28th, 2018 12:47 PM

Friday, The View returned to discuss Thursday’s Senate hearings with Brett Kavanaugh and the woman who accused him of attempting to rape her in high school, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. As to be expected, the hosts went berserk, bringing up everything from white nationalism to slavery, calling Kavanaugh an angry drunk who hates women and slamming Republicans as treating sexual assault victims as “second class citizens.”

Co-host Joy Behar began by asserting that there should be another FBI investigation into Kavanaugh before slamming Sen. Lindsey Graham for lecturing his colleagues:

“All it was was a dog and pony show so that Lindsey Graham can act like a crazy person,” she snarled. Co-host Abby Huntsman jumped in to say that while she “felt” for both of them, she felt Blasey Ford was credible enough that a vote should not take place. Behar then ranted that Republicans were turning America into an apartheid and our country was going to become like South Africa where a minority of white people run everything:

They know that this country is getting darker. White Europeans are now 61% of the population....61% are white caucasians. In 2045 it will be 49% so it's going down. It's almost like they're worried that white people are going to lose all their power, so they don't care if she's lying or she's not lying or he’s lying. They just want to hold onto their power. Pretty soon we'll be like South Africa, apartheid, where 10% of the white people were running the country. It seems like the trajectory we're on here.

She added, that it was “so obvious to everyone” that we needed an additional FBI investigation. “These people are only interested in retaining white power in this country!” Behar raved.

Co-host Sunny Hostin made a similar speech to the one she made on Good Morning America this morning, calling into question the “humanity” of anyone who supported Kavanaugh.

That woman was 100% -- 150% credible. She was telling the truth, in my view, when he came up, I did not find him as credible. I think that credibility, candor, character and impartiality are the most important qualities for a Supreme Court justice, and he doesn't have those!” Hostin slammed.

Whoopi jumped in to echo more Democrat lines, ludicrously calling the performance everyone saw yesterday a “job interview:”

“This wasn't about putting you in jail. This was to determine whether you're too much of a frat boy still to sit on the court. This wasn't about taking you to jail. This was a job interview that we all have to have!” Whoopi gushed.

On that note, the hosts went on to further slander Kavanaugh’s character, actually arguing that he shouldn’t have been angry at allegedly being falsely accused of assault. What?

HUNTSMAN: With the temperament, the temperament that we saw with him yesterday, I couldn't help but wonder if that was a woman up there what the response would’ve been.

WHOOPI: They would call her hysterical and all that!

WHOOPI: But before we go, I want to show you a picture. You got the picture? Okay. See this? This is what I grew up seeing, right?

[Image of Republican men, the female sex crimes prosecutor facing Blasey-Ford at hearing]

HOSTIN: And that's what she faced.

WHOOPI: That's what she looked -- all those folks, I'm running to the all these people in the front, those are the folks she was talking to.

HOSTIN: Look at that. A victim of sexual assault, that's what she faced!

WHOOPI: So whether you get it or you don't get it, that is trying to send a message which isn't good for the country, and that is some of y'all are second class citizens.

After the break, the conversation continued, with the hosts praising Blasey Ford’s intelligence and heartfelt testimony. They contrasted that take by bashing Kavanaugh some more, attacking his “rage” at the hearing. The producers even put up a collage of unflattering photos from Kavanaugh’s testimony where he appears angry, as “proof” that he doesn’t have the temperament to be a Supreme Court judge and that demonstrates that he’s an “angry drunk:”

BEHAR: There were moments where he was so enraged!

HOSTIN: For me, temperament, I'm a member of the bar of the supreme court. I've never argued in front of the supreme court but I've written amicus briefs and I’ve sat in the supreme court. You've got to feel the decorum that is there. I mean, those judges, you don't know what they're thinking which is why, Whoopi, you say this all the time, you don't quite know how they're going to vote. Now you have a candidate, a nominee where you know where he's going to go, you know his politics. He starts talking about a left wing conspiracy. How can he sit credibly on the court and claim to be impartial with a temperament like that? That is not the temperament of a justice.

BEHAR: One more thing, when he was angry like that, one of the people who knew him as a young man said that he was an angry drunk. And that's all I could think about when he was acting like that, that that must have been how he was when he was an angry drunk.