Whoopi: Trump Support Is 'Blowback From Four Years of a Black President'

October 12th, 2016 2:24 PM

On Wednesday’s The View two of the most liberal hosts, Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, came up with their own completely original and unheard of reason as for why Donald Trump had so many supporters: Because a lot of Americans are racist. Whoopi made the point, to which Behar agreed, before making the claim that Trump supporters hated Hillary Clinton simply because she was a woman, as well. Unfortunately, this kind of genius analysis from liberals isn’t limited to the panelists at The View.

The discussion started with Whoopi blasting Republicans for disavowing Trump now for his vulgar comments when they wouldn’t disavow Bush for using taxpayer money to enter Iraq. Jedediah Bila made the point that many conservatives would vote for Trump over Hillary because they think he will be the better leader for the economy, despite how much they didn’t like the comments he made on tape. Behar then jumped in to argue that she didn’t think the economy had anything to do with why many voters support Trump:

JOY BEHAR: Bill Maher said something interesting on his show the other day. I was watching him on HBO and he was saying that the average Trump voter makes about $70,000 a year, which in a lot of parts of this country is a living wage. It's not really about immigrants are taking their jobs and the unemployment rate and all this other stuff. There's something else going on. It's like nihilism, like let's blow everything up. They're just mad, you know, they're mad.

On that point, Whoopi got more specific and said: “It’s blowback from four years of a black president, I feel,” to which the audience clapped. (So I guess Republicans weren’t racist for Obama’s second term?)

“There's that too,” Behar agreed.

“I think that's a lot of it, “ Whoopi stated. “Because that's why the whole woman issue is such a thing. They don't want to hear from their supposed wives what to do with the country.”

After Bila asked her to clarify, Whoopi continued:

WHOOPI: Well, I think when they look at Hillary, forget everything else, she is first and foremost a woman.

“That's true,” Behar agreed again.

WHOOPI: And I think men still have a hard time with everything that's going on in the world taking this from women [audience applause]. Now, I'm not painting all men. I'm not painting all men with that so just hold onto your tweets, friends. I'm just saying that I think that's a lot of it. I think a lot of it was, you know, no one -- I don't know what happened 8 years ago. I saw him standing in the light. I always knew he was black. But it seemed like the next day after Obama was elected people were like -- ‘Oh, my god, he's black!’ And it was like, ‘Yeah!’ And then hearing all of the things, you know, we're not going to help you -- we're not going to do anything --

BEHAR: I think you’re making the point that “We said ‘okay’ to a black president and now we have to say ‘Okay’ to a woman?” It’s like too much. It’s too much.

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