CNN: 'What Happened' to the GOP Being 'More Inclusive'?

In the past two election cycles, the media tried to paint the GOP as anti-women. In 2016, they might add “War on LGBT” to that false narrative. On CNN’s Newsroom Thursday morning, anchor Ana Cabrera tried to portray the GOP as bigoted by saying the Republican platform went out of its way to be anti-gay. Cabrera began by asking CNN and Newsbusters contributor Jeffrey Lord if Trump agreed with the Republican party’s platform on same-sex marriage, gender assigned bathrooms, therapy for gay children and religious businesses rights to refuse services to gays and lesbians.

CABRERA: Jeffrey, Trump has said he’s going to be a better friend to the lgbt community than Hillary Clinton. I want to talk about what is on the Republican platform when it comes to lgbt issues. This is something that has parked a lot of debate, a lot of heated debate at the platform committee as it met this week. Take a look at these full stills here. The party opposes same sex marriage rights, backs efforts to restrict bathrooms to birth gender. Supports parents right to choose so-called sexual conversion therapy for minors. And currently protects businesses that refuse services to gays and lesbians based on religious beliefs. Jeffrey, does this fly with Donald Trump?

Lord responded:

JEFFREY LORD: Well, sure, sure. I think Donald Trump is very much a traditional guy. I mean, he has got his positions on this staked out. This doesn't mean hostility. There is a difference between saying that you want bathrooms to be men and women and that sort of thing, and being hostile here. I mean, heavens, we just had this terrible, terrible situation in Orlando, where somebody who was devoted to radical Islam, which is quite hostile, I mean seriously hostile to gays, went in and murdered 49 people in cold blood. I mean, we do have to have a sense of proportion here.

Not getting the answer she wanted, Cabrera turned to her other guest, RNC strategist Doug Heye and asked, “What happened to that 2012 autopsy pledge to be more inclusive?”

Now, imagine if Cabrera had asked a Hillary Clinton supporter why the DNC excluded moderate or conservative measures on abortion and opposed religious rights? That’s a question you’ll never hear a reporter ask to Democrats.

Watch the video below:

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