Woman Attacks Young Pro-Lifer: 'Racist F***ing Male That Doesn’t Stand For Women’s Rights’

Editor’s Note: this story contains offensive language.

A violent encounter between a young pro-life protestor and an adult abortion activist in downtown Columbus, OH was caught on camera and published late July 9 on Youtube. Students from the pro-life group “Created Equal” were standing on the street corner holding anti-abortion signs and talking with passers by when an infuriated pro-abortion woman approached one young man.

“That’s absolute f***ing lying there, you f***ing dipshit!,” she screamed. “That is not what a fetus looks like, okay? It’s a clump of cells at twelve weeks.” In the rest of the two-minute encounter, she shoved her finger in the man’s face and screamed 20 more f**ks in her incoherent “argument.” Her hysterical rant was peppered with typical liberal condescension about “white male privilege” and claims of “racism” numerous times. The infuriated woman, apparently didn’t think of how her behavior would look like for the company she works for, as she was still wearing her Burger King uniform.

 Continues after the video.

The woman sneers at the young man, “No uterus, no right to talk about it!” As she storms off, she kicks a sign down, tries to grab the cameraman’s camera, and flips him off. The cameraman says that he is “going to call the police.” At that news, the woman tries to run away and kicks down another sign, still cursing up a storm. The video ends with the woman being escorted away by a police officer a few moments later.

The young man was there with the pro-life activist group “Created Equal”. The group’s mission states, “We’re a social action movement seeking to end the greatest human rights injustice of our time.”

h/t Life News

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