Et Tu, Disney? Bleeping God from the Ten Commandments?!

Radio Disney is bleeping "God" from ad copy for the upcoming movie "The Ten Commandments."


The folks at Liberty Counsel sent out notices on Monday and Tuesday of this week letting people know about a copy of an email they had in which a Radio Disney representative was advising a media buyer to delete the words "chosen by God" in ad copy for the movie "The Ten Commandments" which opens on October 19. To see the email, and also the petition that Liberty Counsel has to get Radio Disney to reconsider this decision you can click here.

The apparently offensive words are used to describe Moses, you know, kind of a key player in the whole Ten Commandments story. Which comes from the Jewish and Christian scriptures, also known as THE BIBLE.

Just who does Radio Disney think is going to be offended by advertising copy that says Moses was chosen by God? Has political correctness so polluted thinking that the word "God" needs to be censored from copy advertising what amounts to a bible story?

In what may be one of the greatest one-liners ever uttered by a CEO, Frank Yablans who heads up Promenade Pictures, the studio releasing the movie, said, "Who does Disney think chose Moses - Tinkerbell?"

Well, maybe Mr. Yablans. Or maybe media-darling and everyone's favorite atheist Christopher Hitchens is making advertising decisions for Radio Disney now.


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