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Politically correct holiday nonsense is picking up steam, especially in schools.

WaPo fetes an artist whose Bush-bashing ornament is hanging on the White House Christmas tree

Folding the trampled security guard into a story about giddy bargain hunters is disrespectful and crass.

Kids spend more time with media than they do anything else, except sleep. Why are we surprised it impacts their behavior?

Florida school bars holiday decor, while two California schools give the ax to kindergarteners dressing as Pilgrims and Indians

McCain/Palin supporters are idiots. So said the scribes of ABC's Boston Legal who scripted a show that went out of its way to trash Sarah Palin and elevate the election of Barack Obama to mythical status.

Oh. And bloggers are "entry level life forms that intellectually have yet to emerge from the primordial ooze."

The thrust of the storyline was a lawsuit brought by a woman who claimed she was fired from her job because she voted for McCain. As it turns out her Republican boss fired her because he thought she was stupid and based his conclusion on the fact that the woman was an ardent Hillary supporter who voted for McCain because of Sarah Palin. A double slam from the left-loving writers of Boston Legal.

The Obama-supporting characters "Alan Shore" and "Shirley Schmidt" played by James Spader and Candice Bergen represented the Hillary/Palin-supporting woman even though they did think she was stupid...for supporting the McCain ticket. "Schmidt" tells the character "Martha" as much in a conference.

"SHIRLEY SCHMIDT:" Honey, the sexist in all this is you. ... You claim to be a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter. You--you walked into that booth and voted against everything Hillary stands for, and why? Because the republicans added to their ticket someone they referred to at the convention as "the hot chick."

Storyline includes fantasy of having sex with the Alaska governor.

Nationwide anti-Prop. 8 protests get little broadcast news attention.

Note to WaPo: religions don't base moral teachings on opinion polls.

CMI Senior Writer Kristen Fyfe reports on two profoundly important studies that link childrens media consumption to teen pregnancy and hostile behavior.

"Controversial." "Onerous." "Ideologically offensive."  These are the words used by Washington Post reporters Ceci Connolly and R. Jeffrey Smith to describe the pro-life policies of President George W. Bush.  The liberal slam came in an article about some of the early actions President-elect Obama will take when he is inaugurated next year.

"Obama Positioned to Quickly Reverse Bush Actions" was carried in the November 9 edition of the Post.  The story revealed that Obama is "now consulting with liberal advocacy groups" in order to create a hit list of "the most onerous or ideologically offensive" regulatory and policy initiatives of the Bush administration.  Two of the top three initiatives singled out in the Post's story are pro-life: embryonic stem cell research and abortion funding. The other is global warming.

Reporters quote a former Clinton official accusing the Reagan and Bush administrations of establishing the Mexico City Policy, which limits the promotion of abortion by government-funded groups, for overtly political reasons.

As profanity explodes on television, lawyers arguing a broadcast decency case before the High Court are using euphemisms.

Two studies published by Pediatrics find that sexy TV shows are associated with higher teen pregnancy rates, and violent video games with increased hostility in children.

My 14-year-old daughter informed me that the many of the young teens in her school are dressing up as Sarah Palin for Halloween.  Given that she attends school in very blue Northern Virginia, I asked her if the girls were dressing up as Governor Palin because they thought she was "scary."

"Oh, yes," she replied.

Well, at least they'll be dressed conservatively.  A few less skankily-clad kids parading through the neighborhood. 

Yes, Cruella, it's Halloween, the time for costume makers to make their annual contribution to the premature sexualization of young children.

Is your daughter trick-or-treating in the Wicked School Girl costume this year?

The worldview of conservatives and republicans makes them a happier lot than liberals and democrats, even in a year when the republican "candidate is sinking in the polls," the republican "president plumbs historic depths of popular scorn" and the republican "free market squeals for intervention" according to a story in The Washington Post.

The story, A Happiness Gap: Doomacrats and Republigrins takes an initial head-scratching approach to reporting that conservatives - once again, and regardless of what country they live in - are happier than liberals even in a year marked by economic gloom and doom and a year that seems "so rosy for Democrats."

And it has something to do with personal responsibility, religion and marriage. Go figure

A little (Christian) book featured in a little (Christian) movie is flying off the shelves.

One year later donors and recipients of a life-saving kidney donation program gather to recognize one man's generosity that inspired them all.