Time.com Still Fawning Over Hillary Clinton Twitter Account While Ignoring State Dept. Prostitution, Drugs Scandal

June 11th, 2013 3:48 PM

Yesterday, my colleague Matt Vespa noted how Time writer (and former BuzzFeeder) Zeke Miller had room to fawn over Hillary Clinton setting up a Twitter account, yet no space to mention allegations of widespread drug and prostitution use by her security detail when she was Secretary of State.

Checking back at Time.com today and searching for "State Department," I found that the magazine has still yet to get around to the story. But they have had time on Tuesday, apparently, to drum up "The 13 Funniest Celebrity First Tweets."

"When you’re as famous as Hillary Clinton, it’s a safe bet that your first tweet will be dissected ad nauseum by every man, woman, and child on the Internet (including the ones who work here!)," the anonymous Time staffer noted in his or her lead sentence, adding that that "is why it’s a shame that so many celebrities, especially politicians, make their first impressions so rote: a bemused “what is this newfangled technology?” bit, for example, or a boilerplate promotion."

But, Time gushed, "Not so with Clinton, who leveraged the opportunity to have some fun—shouting-out the guys who made her meme-able with 'Texts from Hillary' before quipping that she’ll 'take it from here.'"

Alas, "That spark helped the former Secretary of State gain more than 200,000 followers in less than a day," Time approvingly gushed, before unveiling the aforementioned 13 funniest celebrity first tweets.

The BuzzFeedization of Time continues apace.