President Obama's April 30 Press Conference Live Blog

April 30th, 2013 10:30 AM

President Barack Obama will take to the podium in the White House press briefing room at 10:30 a.m. Eastern for a press conference. The occasion: today is the 100th day of his second term in office. We at NewsBusters will be watching and I'll be live-blogging the questions from reporters. Pardon my inaccuracies as I'll be transcribing on the fly.

In the comments section, leave some question that YOU would ask if you were in the room. Which questions should be asked but likely won't?

10:34: Still waiting for President Obama. None of the broadcast networks have cut in for coverage either.

10:45: Still waiting. The broadcast networks have broken in.

10:46: Obama gives opening statement, tosses to Ed Henry of Fox News, who is wrapping his tenure as president of the White House Correspondents Association.

10:47: Ed Henry, Fox News: "Do you risk U.S. credibility if you don't take military action [in Syria]?" Henry also asks if Obama will allow State Dept. personnel to testify about Benghazi.

10:53 Henry, regarding Benghazi testimony from State Dept. whistleblowers: Will you help them come forward and say it once and for all?

10:54: They've hired attorneys.

10:54: Jessica Yellin of CNN noted Sen. Lindsey Graham saying we're going backwards in the war on terror with Benghazi and Boston: "Is he right and did our intelligence miss something?"

11:00 Yellin follow-up: Are you getting all the intelligence you need from the Russians? Should Americans be worried when they go to public events now?

11:02 Jon Karl notes Obama failures on gun control, sequester: "Do you still have the juice to get the rest of your agenda through this Congress?"

11:11 Bill Plante of CBS asks about the hunger strike in Guantanamo. Asks is there any end in sight to their confinement.

11:14 Plante asks if force-feeding is an option.

11:17 Chuck Todd, NBC notes Max Baucus, who helped write ObamaCare text, notes that implementation of ObamaCare is a "train wreck." Asks why Baucus thinks this and why Obama thinks he's wrong.

11:24 Todd offers follow-up question about states not getting behind implementation of ObamaCare.

11:25 questions from Antonieta Cadiz of La Opinion on immigration reform and U.S.-Mexico relations

11:32: Chuck Todd shouts out, "do you want to talk about Jason Collins?" as Obama was walking away from the podium.

All in all, a decent press conference in terms of the questions, the only exceptions being Bill Plante's hunger strike one and Chuck Todd gratuitously tossing out a Jason Collins question, which brought Obama back to the podium. There were NO questions on the Kermit Gosnell trial, however.