One-Year-Old Child Left Alone in Occupy D.C. Tent, Network Morning Shows Ignore Story

A 13-month-old child was found yesterday morning, unsupervised and wearing only a onesie, in a tent in the Occupy D.C. squatters camp in McPherson Square. To their credit, some Occupiers notified authorities, who arrested a man who showed up later claiming to be the baby's father. That being said, it's just the latest criminal incident which highlights the ongoing problems of the 3-month long "occupation" of an urban square that was never intended for overnight camping.

But, of course, the media are doing their darndest to downplay or ignore the story: ABC's Good Morning America, CBS This Morning, and NBC's Today failed to report the incident. The Washington Post placed their 7-paragraph story on page B6. A review of the websites for the ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliate stations in D.C. shows they are not trumpeting the story as significant. Ditto with, the website for the region's all-news radio station.

The Occupy D.C. camp seems to be the last major American "Occupy" camp still standing, situated as it is on federal park land, patrolled by U.S. Park Police, who answer to the Obama/Salazar Interior Department. 

While Occupy D.C. protesters insist the father of the child was not part of the Occupy camp, other Occupiers have used their children as human shields in protests before, as our friends at and MRCTV have noted.

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