MSNBC's Brewer on Facebook Post: Defense a 'Sacred Cow' That's 'Overfunded'

Update (12:08 p.m. EST): Brewer just made this her question of the day on her MSNBC Live program.

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer injected a bit of liberal commentary to a link she posted Monday morning on her Facebook page.

"You know it's overfunded when even the Pentagon pushes for spending cuts. Why is defense such a sacred cow?" lamented Brewer in a comment posted above a link to a Wall Street Journal article on Obama's fiscal year 2012 budget blueprint.

I don't know, Contessa, maybe because the primary mission of the federal government is defending the nation from foreign enemies?

To be fair, there are probably plenty of congressmen from both sides of the aisle who lard up the Pentagon budget for absolutely needless spending projects, and there are programs and civilian personnel who can be cut to make the Pentagon meaner and leaner while saving the taxpayer and better securing the country. That doesn't necessarily mean that the Defense Department as a whole is "overfunded."

It remains to be seen if Brewer will ever snark about liberal spending priorities such as entitlement spending, public broadcasting, and foreign aid as "sacred cows."

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