Broadcast Morning Shows Ignore 83-7 Anti-ACORN Senate Vote

A bipartisan consensus of senators in Washington is newsworthy in these fiercely partisan times, but when the matter of agreement is something that leaves egg on the faces of the left-wing community organizers, eh, not so much. 

Yesterday, in an 83-7 vote -- 50 Democrats and 33 Republicans for; 6 Democrats and 1 independent against -- the Senate passed an amendment to an appropriations bill that would bar the use of federal funds to the scandal-ridden Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). [related item on media ignoring the ACORN story by my colleague Dan Gainor here]

This morning, neither ABC's "Good Morning America" nor CBS's "Early Show" nor NBC's "Today" reported on the vote and the underlying controversy surrounding the liberal community organizing group.

The vote came days after hidden camera video showing ACORN workers in Baltimore eager to help a man and woman -- posing as pimp and prostitute -- to secure financial aid for a brothel to house underaged girls from foreign countries.

Earlier this year, the organization found itself in legal hot water in Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Washington State for matters related to voter fraud.

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