Time Magazine on Michelle Obama's 'Nuclear-family Nostalgia'

Writing on "Michelle Obama's Savvy Sacrifice," Time magazine's Jay Newton-Small sought to bring out what the Illinois senator's spouse "is less likely to talk about" when she addresses the Democratic National Convention tonight. No, not her Princeton thesis or her being proud of America for the first time in her adult lifetime but rather:

that this tough, razor smart Chicago native had to sacrifice many of her own career ambitions along the way.

Newton-Small went on to portray, in a positive light, Mrs. Obama's role in supporting her husband's political ambitions, before closing on this note (emphasis mine):

Her hint of nuclear-family nostalgia is also what helps make this very strong woman a much less threatening figure to the audiences who have throughout the campaign warmed to her homespun, sensitive speaking style. That down-to-earth appeal should be on full display Monday night, when she appears in her biggest venue yet. But that is only part of the real Michelle Obama. The country wouldn't get a two-for-one Bill and Hillary presidency if she were to become First Lady, but it would definitely get a lot more than many people realize.

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