David Letterman, John Edwards Bash Fox's O'Reilly

"I like how you think, senator," cooed "Late Show" host David Letterman in agreement with John Edwards's charge that "most of what" Fox News Channel host Bill O'Reilly says "is crap."

Letterman had asked the former senator about his "feud" with O'Reilly over Edwards's charge that the Bush administration is failing to care for military veterans to the extent that hundreds of thousands are winding up homeless.

The exchange came in a jovial January 22 interview in which Edwards joked about having Letterman as his running mate, or at the very least as a celebrity endorser a la Oprah Winfrey.

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DAVID LETTERMAN, host of "Late Show": You know what I've noticed about Bill O'Reilly, and, and he's a marvelous communicator, but he doesn't really care much about telling the truth.

Former Sen. JOHN EDWARDS (D-N.C.): Yeah, I've noticed the same thing.

LETTERMAN: Very entertaining. And I like when he's on the show, but, if you say one thing--

EDWARDS: Most of what he says is crap.

LETTERMAN: I think you're right, there you go. Exactly. Um, I like how you think, senator."

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