Slate Trawls Facebook to Find Anti-Giuliani Scoop From Ex-Mayor's Daughter

Slate magazine found out that Rudy Giuliani's daughter Caroline has a crush on Obama.

Well, maybe not a crush, but she had joined a pro-Obama Facebook group and describes herself as "liberal" (but then that's also how many Republican voters would describe Caroline's father).

The article, complete with evidentiary screen grab, was written this morning by Lucy Morrow Caldwell, like Caroline Giuliani also a student at Harvard University. Caldwell has a profile on Facebook in the Harvard and Washington, DC networks, and has poor taste in sunglasses, as the screencap below shows:

Update (August 10 | 18:50): Apparently Lucy Morrow Caldwell was suspended from Facebook for violating the terms of service. You can read more about the Caldwell controversy at IvyGateBlog and Through the Magnifying Glass.


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