CNN Declares War on Strong Economy

CNN might well prove a one-network full employment plan for myself and my colleagues at the MRC's Business & Media Institute, with its ongoing attacks against the strong economy.

You might even say CNN has gone to war against it.

That's the conclusion my colleagues Amy Menefee and Julia Seymour arrived at with their October 25 article.

CNN is no “CSI,” but its reporters and anchors keep declaring things dead. They’ve called the American dream “impossible” and “a lost cause” and said the middle class is “in crisis” or going “out of business” – all in the month of October.

“We hear every day on CNN that the middle class is getting beaten up and that it’s eroding,” said author Barbara Ehrenreich on the October 21 “In the Money.”

She was right about CNN. The 24-hour network is unabashedly attacking the economy in the home stretch of an election race, despite exceptionally good economic news including a low unemployment rate of 4.6 percent and 6.6 million new jobs since August 2003.

That was just the opening salvo. For more, read here.

And remember, we've got even bigger guns in our armory.

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