Chris Matthews Agrees 'With the Sentiment' of Left-Wing Protestor

It is no secret that Chris Matthews is a shill for the Democrats and adamantly opposed to the Iraq War. The former Democratic staffer, who the previous night wrote a speech for Obama attacking Hillary Clinton from the left, endorsed "the sentiment" of a disruptive protestor.

After the October 30 Democratic debate, upon interviewing John Edwards campaign strategist Joe Trippi, a lone protestor stormed the stage "all U.S. troops out of Iraq now! No more blood for oil!" After security pulled him out, Matthews quipped that he "agreed with the sentiment at least." Joe Trippi agreed. The exchange is below.

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PROTESTER: All U.S. troops out of Iraq now! No more blood for oil!

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Well, I agreed with the sentiment at least. [laughing]

JOE TRIPPI: So do I. The style-

MATTHEWS: If not the message, the way the message- Let me ask you, this debate tonight, who won? What’s (sic) it look like to you?

Matthews previously moderated a CNBC Republican debate where he delivered that same "no blood for oil" talking point. He also accused the Bush administration of engaging in "criminality" and inquired if Rudy Giuliani is "a little bit Fascist."

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