Michael Moore's New Health Care Solution: Coercion

In addition to insisting the U.S. needs universal health insurance, Michael Moore introduced another plan to help Americans on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" July 26.

He urged audience members to use threats and intimidation with his new "SiCKO health care card:"

“The way this works is, anytime they give you any grief – your insurance company or whatever – you just whip this out and you say, ‘How would you like to be in Michael Moore’s next movie or on the DVD of ‘SiCKO’?’ and … you know, it says right here this card, if denied coverage, we’ll provide you coverage in a Michael Moore film,” said Moore. 
The "card" can be printed off from Moore's Web site to then be signed and laminated. Wow, that's impressive.“With the power of YouTube and again, the power of your ‘SiCKO health care’ card, we can keep these guys honest, right?” Moore said. Moore still repeated inaccurate claims of the number of uninsured Americans -- 47 million this time.The filmmaker also told viewers that just before his appearance the U.S. Government had subpeonaed him for his trip to Cuba.
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