NBC’s Peter Alexander Frets Biden Achievements Still Unknown To Voters

June 23rd, 2024 9:53 PM

Peter Alexander had a banner day while guest-hosting NBC’s Meet the Depressed. First, he recited a series of leftwing tropes on crime and immigration while deflecting criticism away from the Biden Administration’s handling of these pressing issues. Afterwards, he fretted that voters are insufficiently aware of President Biden’s achievements over these four years.

Watch as Alexander emotes concern over the level of ignorance he’s witnessed during the course of his travels across the fruited plain:



10:37 AM

MOLLY BALL: It will be interesting to see if the Biden campaign continues to feel that this is an effective attack. You know, a lot of Democrats believe that in 2016 Hillary Clinton spent too much time attacking Trump's character and not enough talking about the policies he would implement. At the same time, there is a feeling that a lot of the disengaged voters that Biden needs to reach don't necessarily know about all this baggage that Trump has.

PETER ALEXANDER: Well, perhaps. I think there's also the concern, right, that they want to make sure they know about the economy and what his vision is for the next four years. So many Americans, I’m struck, as I travel around the country, Greg (Bluestein), don't even know what Joe Biden has accomplished in the course of his four years. You're a Georgia guy, one of the critical battlegrounds, Donald Trump narrowly lost it last go-around, this time he consistently leads in all the polls. How does Joe Biden appeal to the independent voters there?

In Alexander’s blinkered view, the Great Unwashed don’t know how great they have it. Alexander comes across as a modern-day version of Diogenes the Cynic, lamp in hand, searching for the voter that has entered into the knowledge of all of Biden’s wins.

Alexander’s expression of dismay came during the portion of the panel discussion concerning the effectiveness (for Biden’s campaign) of continuing to emphasize former President Donald Trump’s conviction in the New York business records case. If there are indeed voters unaware of Trump’s “baggage”, it isn’t due to lack of media effort, given their outsized coverage of the trial. 

It may be the case that voters are keenly aware of what Biden has “accomplished” on the economy, despite Regime Media efforts to obfuscate with Trump’s legal troubles (in and of themselves the result of weaponized government) and firefight the damage wrought by Bidenomics. It’s not that they don’t know, but that they know better.