Hunter Biden Trial Roundup: The ‘Laptop From Hell’ WAS ALWAYS REAL

June 4th, 2024 11:55 PM

With today’s coverage of the happenings of the Hunter Biden gun trial comes a major piece of vindication for anyone reporting or attempting to report on the existence (and, subsequently, the contents) of Hunter Biden’s “Laptop From Hell”. The major network newscasts (mostly) reported on the laptop, albeit tangentially and reluctantly.

Here’s how NBC Nightly News opened their report:

LESTER HOLT: Opening statements today in the trial of President Biden's son Hunter on federal gun charges. The prosecution telling jurors he lied about his drug use on a government background check to buy a gun, and they introduced evidence from his laptop. 

NBC and ABC opened their reports with admissions that the laptop was a source of evidence in the trial, and then correspondents Ryan Nobles and Terry Moran, respectively, made one more mention of the laptop in their report. But that was it. Blink and you miss it. 

But, having worked hundreds of trials in previous professional endeavors, I know that each individual piece of evidence requires authentication testimony before being admitted as a trial exhibit. Breitbart’s Wendell Husebo has more detail on that authentication testimony:

In court Jensen inspected the laptop, which was in an evidence bag, and explained how the FBI authenticated it. When Jensen grasped the machine, Melissa Cohen-Biden, Hunter’s wife, shook her head and spoke to Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris, who was next to her, according to court reporters.

Hunter’s prosecutor also introduced as evidence an invoice for $85 that Hunter received from The Mac Shop, CNN reported:

“This is the laptop that was recovered from the computer store,” she [Jensen] said. When asked how she was able to confirm the laptop’s authenticity, Jensen said the serial number on the back of the laptop matches the serial number provided in Apple Inc.’s subpoena response for records.

Jensen appeared to be making a point of looking at the jury while she explained the concept of iCloud data and how the FBI obtains the data via warrants. The jurors appeared engaged — a few were taking notes, but most simply listened. Hunter was wearing glasses and appeared to be taking notes when not whispering with his lawyers.

Had the networks reported on the IRS whistleblowers, who testified that the laptop was authenticated by the FBI as far back as 2019 and which was also confirmed by DoJ filings, there would be no issue. But Regime Media is going to Regime Media at every turn, in season and out of season.

CBS were the lone holdouts, with no mention of the laptop whatsoever. Perhaps the Tiffany Network still believes the 51 former intel officers. Or in the Tooth Fairy. 

Shame on anyone still pushing the lie that Hunter Biden’s “Laptop From Hell” was Russian disinformation, or otherwise a fabrication. Suppression of that story was, in and of itself, a grotesque act of election interference

The truth can’t be suppressed forever.

Click “expand” to view the full transcripts of the aforementioned reports as aired on their respective networks on Tuesday, June 4th, 2024:




6:42 PM

DAVID MUIR: We turn now to the president's son, the first witness taking the stand in Hunter Biden's federal gun trial. The prosecution entering Hunter Biden's laptop as evidence, and what the defense claimed today. ABC's Terry Moran at the courthouse tonight.

TERRY MORAN: With his wife by his side, Hunter Biden today was back in federal court in Delaware for opening statements in his trial on felony gun charges. First Lady Jill Biden and Hunter's sister Ashley sat behind the defendant in a show of support, while prosecutor Derek Hines laid out the government's case, telling the jury, "no one is above the law. It doesn't matter who you are or what your name is." The president's son, Hines said, "bought a gun and lied during a background check" in 2018, knowing "he was a drug user and a drug addict" when he filled out the federal form for gun purchases. And the prosecutor painted a vivid portrait of Hunter Biden the crack addict, including evidence from his laptop and text messages admitting, "I'm a liar and a thief," "A user and an addict." Defense lawyer Abbe Lowell told jurors in his opening statement Hunter Biden "did not knowingly violate these laws," and said that at the time he bought the gun, Hunter was using alcohol, not drugs- that his behavior was "totally inconsistent" with drug use, saying, "there's no such thing as a high-functioning crack addict." Then the first witness, an FBI agent, played Hunter Biden reading his own words from the audiobook of his memoir "Beautiful Things," recounting his days among drug users.

HUNTER BIDEN: I was just as much a part of the depravity as they were. I was smoking crack every 15 minutes.

MORAN: Finally, jurors saw the angry text exchange between Hunter and Hallie Biden, his brother Beau's widow and Hunter's girlfriend at the time, who found the gun and ditched it in a trash can. "Did you take that from me? You're being totally irresponsible and unhinged," Hunter texted. Hallie responding, "I just want you to be safe. That was not safe." It was a hard day in court for members of the Biden family. At one point Ashley Biden, Hunter’s sister, seemed to grow emotional, dabbed her eyes with a tissue and First Lady Jill Biden, their mother, put her arm around her to comfort her. The prosecution's case continues tomorrow. David.

MUIR: Terry Moran in Wilmington. Terry, thank you.




6:34 PM

JAMES BROWN: Jurors in Hunter Biden's federal gun trial got their first look at key evidence today. A photo of Hunter Biden shirtless, pictures of drugs, and the gun application document at the center of the case. CBS's Scott MacFarlane was inside the courtroom for the dramatic first day of testimony.

SCOTT MACFARLANE: An emotional first day in the trial of Hunter Biden, with the First Lady and Hunter Biden's wife seated behind the president's son, prosecutors and an FBI agent witness played long clips of Biden's 2021 audiobook of his memoirs, in which he narrated his descent into addiction to crack cocaine in 2018.

HUNTER BIDEN: I used my superpower, finding crack anytime, anywhere, less than a day after landing at LAX in the spring of 2018.

MACFARLANE: Former federal prosecutor Tom Dupree.

TOM DUPREE: Prosecutors will tell you that there are few things more effective before a jury than being able to show the jury what the defendant said, in this case, hearing the defendant’s own voice describing his struggles with addiction and the fact that he was using illegal controlled substances right around the time he bought this gun.

MACFARLANE: Prosecutors for Special Counsel David Weiss opened their case, telling the six man, 6-woman Delaware jury, “no one is above the law. Addiction may not be a choice, but lying and buying a gun is a choice.” Biden has pleaded not guilty to unlawfully possessing a gun while using or addicted to drugs, and making false statements applying for the gun in October 2018 for not acknowledging drug use at the time. Biden's defense attorney today argued the president's son didn't knowingly make false statements because he was seeking sobriety, and like other addicts, experienced a deep state of denial.

DUPREE: They are really trying to paint Hunter Biden as someone who is making a good-faith effort to get himself clean, to get his life back in order.

MACFARLANE: Biden's ex-wife, Kathleen, and Hallie Biden, his brother's widow with whom he was also romantically linked, will testify as early as tomorrow. Prosecutors have warned the jurors it’ll be embarrassing testimony for Hunter Biden. JB.

BROWN: Scott MacFarlane, thank you so much.





LESTER HOLT: Opening statements today in the trial of President Biden's son Hunter on federal gun charges. The prosecution telling jurors he lied about his drug use on a government background check to buy a gun, and they introduced evidence from his laptop. Ryan Nobles has late details.

RYAN NOBLES: Tonight, the prosecution kicking off their case against the son of the president with one simple message to the jury: no one is above the law. In opening arguments, prosecutor Derek Hines saying Hunter Biden was a user of crack and a drug addict. He chose to lie on a government form about his drug use when he purchased a .38 caliber handgun. “No one is allowed to lie on a federal form like that, even Hunter Biden”, he said. Hines pointing to the defendant's own words in his own voice.

HUNTER BIDEN: Mainly, however, we just planted ourselves on the couch and smoked a ton of crack.

NOBLES: Hines playing these audio clips from Hunter Biden's memoir for the jury.

BIDEN: By now, I possessed a new superpower: the ability to find crack in any town, at any time, no matter how unfamiliar the terrain.

NOBLES: First Lady Jill Biden, his wife Melissa and sister Ashley were in court, sitting together while the excerpts played, visibly shaken and embracing each other. Hunter Biden is charged with three counts related to allegedly purchasing and possessing a gun while using narcotics, and faces prison time if convicted. But defense attorney Abbe Lowell telling the jury today "You will see that he is not guilty." He said that Hunter Biden did not knowingly lie on the form, arguing that during that narrow window of time, Biden was not acting like, quote, “someone who was smoking crack every 20 minutes”. Late today, the first prosecution witness, an FBI agent, testifying about Hunter Biden's laptop, telling jurors investigators found text messages detailing his interactions with drug dealers around the time he made the gun purchase. Tomorrow Hunter Biden's ex-wife will be on the stand, and eventually, Hallie Biden the widow of his brother Beau with whom Hunter has a romantic relationship. Lester.

HOLT: All right, thank you.