How The Media Is In The Tank For Obama

The latest comes from the AP’s whitewash where after ignoring the controversy for as long as possible, they put out a piece titled Obama Decries Racial Rhetoric. The piece then omits the pastor’s actual comments from the readers, and minimizes them as “inflammatory.”

Sen. Barack Obama on Saturday decried “the forces of division” over race that he said are intruding into the Democratic presidential nomination contest.

“We have to come together,” he told a town-hall meeting at a high school.

He cited videos of inflammatory sermons given by his pastor that are now being used as political ammunition against him — remarks that Obama has denounced.

“If all I knew were those statements I saw on television, I would be shocked,” Obama said.

Terry Trippany provides more evidence against the AP being in Obama’s favor. It is also interesting to note how Rolling Stone changed the title of one of their pieces on Obama to something a little less “radical” after the media storm on the Wright controversy.

Mike Allen of the Politico tries to explain why the media ignored Wright for so long:

To reporters who had followed the campaign, it was an old, oft-written story. But this time it had video of Wright saying things like “U.S. of K.K.K.A.,” available on YouTube and played endlessly by cable news channels.

The minister’s controversial history has been written about countless times throughout the campaign. Wright has ties to the Rev. Louis Farrakhan, the black supremacist leader of the Nation of Islam — a fact that has been noted in more than 100 news stories just in the past few months, according to the Nexis database of news coverage.

Tom Maguire rips into this poor excuse:

Oh, stop - Tim Russert asked Obama about Farrakhan during a televised debate. But I just don’t recall Tim asking about “God Damn America”, or whether America deserved to get attacked on 9/11, or “Hillary has never been called a n****r”. Hmm, that last would have made for great live television; you’d think I would remember it.

Furthermore Tom Magure provides a bullet point anaylsis on the media ignoring all of this.

Yes, bloggers have known about this, but the media have ignored it for at least a year. Now they are doing their best to whitewash it.

dmann at Hot Air sums it up best:

For the MSM it is CHANGE and HOPE, change the story and hope the sheep buy it.

Meanwhile at Barrack Obama’s website…Wright goes down the memory hole.

Before and After.

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