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The mainstream media continue to ignore the outrageous background of Obama’s “safe school czar” Kevin Jennings. So far very little, if any, coverage on this has been done by media other than FOX. Blogger Jim Hoft at Big Government has been doing an excellent job however.

There is no way the media can ignore Holder's controversial decision to try 911 conspirators in New York courts.  Don't expect them them to cover the pressure behind the scenes that made it happen though.  Don't expect them to hold Obama to his past opinions either.

Did you know Obama's "Green Jobs Czar", Van Jones,  is a self admitted communist?  Did you know audio surfaced of an interview with him where he spoke of incrementalist revolution?  These extreme views are not even denied by the Czar.  Did you have any idea he signed a document asking for the investigation of the U.S.

For the past week the news media have ran stories on the what the blogosphere has dubbed "birthers", a group focusing on the controversy of Obama's citizenship and lack of providing a long form birth certificate to the public.  This group, while a minority in the conservative circle, are making themselves heard and the media are asking every Republican figure they can to weigh in on the issue.  It is obvious what their agenda is, and it is to embarrass Conservatives.

 Meanwhile, they ignore conspiracy theories and extreme viewpoints espoused by one of Obama's top advisors and science czar, John Holdren.  A large part of the horror of abortion lies in the monstrous presumption of liberals declaring that human life begins not at conception, but whenever they say it does. Maybe that’s six weeks, maybe six months.  Maybe it’s years. Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren (the guy who wanted to put a sterilizing agent in our drinking water) gives us an idea of how slippery this slope can get.  From his book Human Ecology: Problems and Solutions:

After watching this video of the press fighting back against the White House's fake townhalls and pre-screened questions, one almost feels pity for poor Robert Gibbs failing at his job.

Back in the 2006 nomination of Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court , Barack Obama criticized the philosphy on confirming Supreme Court Justices stating the Senate should "only examine whether or not the Justice is intellectually capable and is nice to his wife."  He further objected that, "once you get beyond intellect and personal character there shouldn't be further question to whether the justice should be confirmed.  Meaningful advice and consent includes an examina

At the recent media celebration of Barack Obama's first 100 days as President, Barack Obama made the bold claim that he created or saved over 150,000 jobs. 

Perhaps the unrepentant domestic terrorist friend of Barack Obama did his part avoiding the media, but most of the media certainly lacked in pursuing him. Suddenly, now that that Barack Obama has been elected, the media are interested in extending this America hater’s fifteen minutes of fame.

The mainstream media are willfully ignoring many questionable ties and friendships of Barack Obama.  The list does not end with the radical racist preacher Jeremiah Wright and unrepentant domestic terrorist William Ayers.  They have totally ignored Obama campaigning for the socialist revolutionary Raila Odinga in Kenya.  They have also ignored his ties with radical Islamic extremist Khalid Al Masour.

Listen to this audio from a 1995 interview where Obama says a blatant race baiting statement implying that whites don't want to pay taxes to inner city children for them to go to school.  The interview is full of defense on Obama's socialistic views on taxation, and other controversial remarks. 

What should be front page news informing and warning Americans is going entirely unnoticed by the MSM. It couldn’t be any more obvious the media are in the tank for Obama. Stanley Kurtz asks, “where's the press”?

The media were quick to dig into Joe Wurzelbacher's personal and private information such as tax records, and trumpet it to the world in an attempt to discredit someone that dared question Barack Obama's tax plan.  Lets see if they even report on this when they don’t have any digging to do whatsoever.

Remember how the media had to play catch-up with the National Enquirer and blogs after rumors that begged for investigation were ignored?  Many enjoyed that.  Will the media repeat the same mistake again now that strong rumors are surfacing of an Obama affair?

Reprinted with full permission from Wake Up America:

Obama’s unbreakable friendship with the unrepentant, America hating terrorist William Ayers of the Weather Underground is probably one of the most important things America needs to know about Barack before voting day. The media have done well in pretending this is not an issue, and acting as if this does not bring serious questions about Obama’s judgement. The media want this controversial relationship to be swept under the rug.

Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, finally played the Ayers card. CNN were quick to the defense in what they had the gall to call a “fact check”.

Verdict: False. There is no indication that Ayers and Obama are now “palling around,” or that they have had an ongoing relationship in the past three years. Also, there is nothing to suggest that Ayers is now involved in terrorist activity or that other Obama associates are.

The Judicial Confirmation Network Council are not the only ones that are reminding us of Barack Obama's poor judgement of associates with their new ad...Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is reminding everyone too.

Everybody is talking about this poll from CNN declaring victory for Obama’s debate performance last night with an article titled “Round 1 in debates goes to Obama, poll says.”

Since the current financial crisis is taking place under a Republican administration it is easy for people to automatically blame Republicans. The media have happily pushed this misconception too.

While the media use all their resources to hunt fake scandals on Sarah Palin, there are some serious developments that America needs to know about. The accusation from the Iraqi Foreign Ministry is that Barack Obama attempted to undermine troop withdrawal negotiations when he made his publicity trip to Iraq.

So now the media really cares precisely which foot of Sarah Palin may or may not have been across a border on one overseas trip?  Why aren't they asking about some of Barack Obama's questionable overseas travel?

 Dan Riehl says enough is enough: