New Yorker Magazine Was Set to Depict Roberts Pushing Granny Down the Steps If ObamaCare Was Stricken

Anticipating “a real defeat for Obama and the end of health-care coverage for many,” The New Yorker had several covers ready to go if ObamaCare was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, including one which depicted Chief Justice John Roberts poised to push an elderly woman in a wheelchair down the Court's stairs.

Francoise Mouly was so sure that ObamaCare would be struck down that she instructed her artists to come up with possible sketches for the magazine cover before the ruling. Yesterday, Mouly decided to publish an article showing readers several of the possible covers that the artists came up with but never used.


Above a slide show of the possible covers she cooed, “see below for a slide show of images that become even funnier when you know that none of this ever happened.”

The slide show contains several pictures painting Chief Justice John Roberts as the destroyer of ObamaCare. The first shows an unemotional Roberts raising a gavel high over his head as to illustrate his delivering a death blow to ObamaCare.

Another possible cover designed by Bob Staake shows Chief Justice Roberts about to push an elderly woman in a wheelchair down the steps of the Supreme Court. According to Mouly, within 15 minutes of the Court decision that found Roberts saving ObamaCare, Staake came up with a new sketch that is featured in the article showing Justice Roberts instead pushing the elderly woman up the steps of the Supreme Court.

Mouly also found amusing a sketch that depicts President Obama sitting in a doctor's office in his underwear about to be bludgeoned by an oversized gavel serving as a doctor's reflex hammer and another sketch depicting a robed judge grasping a pillow, keen on smothering a sleeping President Obama.

This article is a perfect illustration of how the liberal media was ready to attack the Supreme Court if the ObamaCare ruling didn’t go their way and was willing to go with shocking, violent metaphors to communicate their disgust with such a ruling.

As we at NewsBusters have noted, the liberal media for weeks before the decision dreaded the ruling and sought to cast a blow against ObamaCare as a case that would fundamentally undermine the legitimacy of the Court.

And just like many of the other liberal news outlets, as soon as the Court decision went their way, Justice Roberts wasn’t such a bad guy after all.

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