WashPost: Gore Inspires Energy Conservation; Paper Leaves Out Mammoth Electric Bill

July 13th, 2007 5:47 PM
The summer of media love for Al Gore continues in the Washington Post today. An article by Lori Aratani boasts in the sub-heading that “Al Gore’s film has raised awareness of energy conservation, officials say.” The piece is actually on John Morrill, an Arlington County bureaucrat who has, for years, been “touting the cost saving benefits and environmentally friendly nature” of compact fluorescent lamps. He says in the past people ignored him but now, “thanks in part to ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ the issue has a higher profile.” While the article stumbles over itself bestowing platitudes on Al Gore’s “documentary,” it – of course – fails to mention that while Al was busy lecturing America about the evils of carbon emissions, his own house in Tennessee was using over 20 times more energy than the national average. That’s right folks! While Al was criss-crossing the country, berating people like you and me for not using the right kind of light bulb, Al, the green guru himself, was racking up electric bills of $1,300 dollars per month. In contrast to Al’s house of energy horrors, George W. Bush’s Crawford ranch has called an “eco-friendly haven.” What, did Al accidentally leave a light on during all those cross-country trips? Of course people caught up in the hysteria of the green movement constantly “forget” to include little things like that in their stories. Mentioning such a thing about their hero Albert is obviously off-limits.