Olbermann Attacks Higher-Rated Competition: 'Fox News Channel: Making [Expletive] Up Since 1996'

It is vile bitterness put on display for America every night of the week - even though not as many people tune in as they do to his competitor. But, still Keith Olbermann seems to obsess over the Fox News Channel.

On the Aug. 24 broadcast of his show "Countdown," Olbermann demonstrated just how sensible the so-called "professional left" can be when criticizing things they perceive to be antithetical to their world view. At the top of his "Worst Persons in the World" segment, viewers were treated to a bonus attack on Fox News, who Olbermann mockingly tried to portray as a sponsor of the show's segment.

"Get out your pitchforks and torches -- time for tonight's worst persons in the world brought to you by Fox News Channel: Official propaganda arm of Glenn Beck's ‘I Have a Scheme' speech, book tour rollout and 100 percent guaranteed in advance miracle. Fabricating and promoting events and then covering them as if they were news since 1996," Olbermann said. "I wish there was a joke here. There isn't. Fox News Channel: Making [expletive] up since 1996."

Fox News regularly creams MSNBC in the ratings compiled by Nielsen Media Research, including the 8 p.m. Eastern Time slot, where Olbermann's show is a distant second place to FNC's "The O'Reilly Factor." Perhaps that is the source of the "Countdown" host's bitterness.

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