Behar: BP Oil Spill 'Can Be Laid at Cheney’s Feet'; 'People Should Be Furious!'

May 25th, 2010 8:45 PM

He may be out of office, but Cheney Derangement Syndrome lives on.

This time, and just like other times in the past, "The View" co-host and host of her own HLN show, Joy Behar used the BP oil spill to attack the Bush administration, specifically former Vice President Dick Cheney by suggesting he was really behind the oil spill.  Her source - it was an outspoken critic of the Bush administration and aid to former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Lawrence Wilkerson.

"There is a lot of blame to go around, obviously," Behar said on the May 25 broadcast of "The View." "But I was listening to this guy, Lawrence Wilkerson. Who was the -- he is now a retired army colonel and he worked with Colin Powell during the Bush administration. He was the undersecretary to him. And he says, and I quote him, ‘The whole oil spill can be laid at Cheney's feet.'"

And despite President Barack Obama having been in office for almost a year and a half, Behar insisted this was sufficient evidence to show Cheney was at fault and people should be furious at a man no longer in office.

"He said he deregulated everything and Obama has to live with it," Behar said. "He was in bed with those Halliburton people. He's an oil guy. He deregulated and that's why we're in this mess. People should be furious!"