Breitbart to NY Times Reporter for Alleging Racial Tones at CPAC: 'You’re a Despicable Human Being'

After Barack Obama's election as the first black president of the United States, we were supposed to have entered a new, post-racial era. However, as many feel it has turned out, any dissent or criticism of the most powerful man in the free world or his agenda draws allegations of "racial tones," as happened on the New York Times Web site on Feb. 18

And on Feb. 18 at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference, Andrew Breitbart, publisher of,, Big Hollywood, Big Government and Big Journalism, called out the Times' reporter, Kate Zernike, for making those allegations. (6:00 in first video)

Breitbart was accepting the Reed Irvine Accuracy in Media Award for extensively covering one of the most "uncovered" stories of 2009 for corruption within the so-called community activist organization ACORN.

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"I'm just going to show you what I had to deal with today," Breitbart said. "Kate Zernike of the New York Times, are you in the room? Are you in the room? You're despicable. You're a despicable human being. You're the New York Times here. You came to CPAC to get your prey and here's your prey, Jason Mattera from HotAir and also from Young America's Foundation. This is the headline - ‘CPAC Speaker Bashes Obama, in Racial Tones.'"

In her article, Zernike had written this particular criticism of Obama was an effort to win over the "youth vote" through racial stereotypes.

"How can conservatives win the youth vote that overwhelmingly went for Barack Obama in 2008?" Zernike wrote as the lede. "At the Conservative Political Action Conference, apparently, some are betting on using racial stereotypes." She then quoted Mattera from a CPAC panel appearance.

"He then mocked what he described, with a Chris Rock voice, as ‘diversity,' including, he said, college classes on ‘cyber feminism' and ‘what it means to be a feminist new black man.'"

Breitbart explained it wasn't a special persona Mattera was putting on for his audience, but his true personality.

"It goes into that does not express that he used a racial stereotype," Breitbart said. "It is just built upon a bed of lies. It said that he went into a Chris Rock voice. She's the one that correlated his voice to Chris Rock. He happens to be from Brooklyn. He's using his voice."

Breitbart detailed how, being in the news aggregation business, he was regularly meeting with journalists for cocktails and got a steady diet of their elitist world view. But no more, he said.

"But this is what these creeps do," Breitbart said. "I'm sick of having cocktails with them. I'm now at war with them. No more cocktails."

Breitbart elaborated on dealing with the mainstream media with the undercover videos made by James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles showing what appears to be unethical behavior at ACORN offices around the country. He told of being turned down by an unnamed ABC reporter who said they couldn't touch the story because of the underlying politics associated with ACORN, which confirmed one of Breitbart's beliefs (:40 in second video).

"I just did it to test my theory - because that's what I did," Breitbart said. "I tried to get this story out there using as much media skills as I possibly could because I didn't want it to be just on Big Government. I wanted every Web site to see it, including the Huffington Post, because once you see what happened in the ACORN offices, a fundamental narrative that the mainstream media buys in to."

Breitbart gave his view on why journalists live in this world of so-called "moral superiority" - to promote an agenda of how they think the world should be.

"In fact, it grants them their sense of moral superiority over the rest of us - is they believe in social justice and they believe in economic equality," Breitbart explained. "And these are the great things that when you ask these people who claim to have gotten in to it for, you know, because they claim to want to be an objective journalist, well out of the other side of their mouth say, ‘Well, I got into because of social justice and economic equality.' It's obviously a contradiction. That's why they glommed on to Barack Obama."

"These people have such a patronizing attitude towards black people in this country, they should be ashamed of themselves," Breitbart said. "And, ‘We're your protectors. If you can't take care of yourself, we'll take care of you.' Well I went to college in New Orleans and ... sorry, your systems are not working. And so, for we crazy conservatives ... we crazy, crazy conservatives that look at the Great Society and go, ‘That sucked!'"

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