Olbermann to Left-Wingers Opposed to Limbaugh’s Rams Purchase: Stand Down

Remember how the left was up in arms about the possibility that conservative talker Rush Limbaugh might purchase the St. Louis Rams, especially from the left-wing noise machine and the pundits that echo its message?

Well, in a curious turn of events on MSNBC's Oct. 8 "Countdown," host Keith Olbermann told his viewers that those who are opposing Limbaugh's bid for the Rams were the third worst people in the world on this particular day.

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"The bronze tonight to critics of Rush Limbaugh," Olbermann said, referring to the third place contestant, the "worse" person, on his "World Worst Person in the World" segment. "You heard me - critics of Rush Limbaugh, ones who were bristling at the news he and hockey executive Dave Checketts might buy the NFL's St. Louis Rams, suggesting he should not be permitted to because he made racist comments about Eagles quarterback Donavan McNabb that resulted in Limbaugh's firing by ESPN in 2003."

Technically, Limbaugh resigned from ESPN according to the network's Web site. But Olbermann, a former ESPN anchor himself, scoffed at the idea that Limbaugh should not be allowed to take ownership in the National Football League based on his past comments about McNabb.

"There are now going to be character tests for sports owners?" Olbermann said. "There will only be three of them left. Unless they beat the Vikings Sunday, as of next Thursday it will have been a full year since the Rams won a game. My God, if Limbaugh wants to buy them, far be it for me to tell them he's flushing his money down a rat hole."

Olbermann could have his own self-interests in mind. It's possible he could be concerned what sort of precedent a denial by NFL owners could set. Olbermann doubles as an anchor for NBC's Sunday night NFL broadcast for the pre-game and halftime shows and he certainly has said some less-than-flattering things about conservatives over the years.

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