NBC’s 'Today' Warns of Doom-and-Gloom Icecap Melt Catastrophes

At a time when Americans increasingly aren't buying into the theory of anthropogenic global warming according to a recent Rasmussen poll, NBC and its cable news network MSNBC are bringing out the big guns to slow the rise of that mentality down.

On NBC's April 26 "Today," anchor Lester Holt previewed his special "Future Earth: Journey to the End of the World," slated to appear on MSNBC on the night of April 26. According to the preview shown by Holt, the TV special is remarkably similar to Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth," forecasting several doom-and-gloom scenarios.

"With the Arctic possibly ice free as soon as the summer of 2013, the world will warm even faster as the Arctic's waters absorb the sun's rays rather than being reflected by ice," Holt said. "The result unfortunately might bring on a doomsday scenario befitting a Hollywood disaster film. But this will be no movie - the likelihood of super storms picking up strength from warming ocean waters, oceans on the rise."

Some have questioned NBC Universal's willingness to promote environmental alarmism, as it is doing with this special program and the segment previewing it. According a Washington Examiner article and a follow-up segment on Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor" on April 23, General Electric (NYSE:GE) stands to profit off of a cap-and-trade policy if enacted to by the Obama administration in the name of preventing global warming.

However, Holt's segment took a step farther, forecasting what might happen if the ice in Greenland melted as well - claiming the global sea level would rise about 23 feet.

"Worldwide, hundreds of millions of people near the coasts may be pushed inland, with lowlands like southern Florida threatened with submersion," Holt said, as Liberty Island, where the Statue of Liberty stands outside of New York City is shown underwater with computer animation. "And major coastal cities, from New York to Shanghai - flooded."

Also according to Holt - rainfall patterns would be disrupted and the European continent would be sent in to mini-Ice Age.

"And there may be one other negative effect of a Greenland melt - cold water runoff could divert the warm Gulf Stream from reaching Europe - plunging that continent into a mini-Ice Age," Holt said.

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